Touring bike options in Cambodia

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  1. I am looking for advice / options regarding buying a touring bike in Cambodia
    I want something suitable for long range touring around Cambodia / Laos/ Thailand
    I already have a Honda XR250 for rough roads and short rides but want something more comfortable for highway / dirt road use.
    So far I have test ridden two 1991-92 Transalp 400’s and a year 2000 model Kawasaki XLE400.
    The Kawasaki was rubbish and the Transalp felt pretty good.
    My main concern with the Transalps is they are 15 year old bikes. How are they for spare parts and resale value ??
    The African Twins look good but I haven’t been able to test ride one yet.
    Would appreciate any suggestions / opinions on this subject
  2. Hi Bill
    Transalp is a good choice for Cambodias improving roads. Spare parts and service is no problem. I've had my bike for nearly three years and 17000 km and no problem at all.
    I am looking for something bigger and sell my 1994 transalp for US 2500. You can contact me on [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] if you are intrested

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