Touring in Cambodia, Plan your own itinerary, Guid incl.

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  1. I am a rider living here in Cambodia, and am offering my services to those of you that want to plan their own trip, itinerary, and set thier own pace. Anything from a one day ride to a week a month or more, as the locals say, "up to you"! I have worked here doing survey work for the placement of remote telecom sites, riding along anything from dirt roads to ox cart paths to tracks. In doing this work, I have ridden all over the country. I am looking to offer tailor made tours to suit your budget. You tell me where, how long, and how you wish to accommodate (hammock in the bush or by homes or temples, guesthouses etc.) and I will do the rest. Locate tracks, plan the actual ride, generate maps, organize bike hire, accommodation and backup services.

    The added advantage of a guide is that you have someone with you that knows the way, the local customs and lifestyle, and, unlike set tours with fixed routes, you can change your plan on the way. I will adapt and arrange the new route to accommodate your alteration.

    My daily rates are negotiable, dependng on number of riders and duration of the tour, beginners and intermediate riders are welcome. For experts that want to go solo, I offer route planning, telephone support in case of accident, breakdown, asking locals for directions and places to stay etc.

    Fixed costs are bike hire, my expenses (food, petrol, accommodation) ferry tolls and bike replacement charges if required.

    For a full list of services and further information, please mail me on [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] and I will mail you within 24 hours.
  2. Mick
    You might want to start contributing trip reports & info long before you start soliciting customers, or consider a banner / advertising on GT Rider.

  3. Hello, good point, I have just recently returned to Cambodia, having been on a contract in Thailand, reports and updates will be forthcoming, as well as any info on trips made. I am new to the site, and welcom any and all advice.

    I am interested in helping those that want to ride, but have a limited budget, as well as riding and making new riding mates here and abroad.

    I thank you again for your input, please feel free to write me again, hope we can meet up someday and go for a burn.

  4. Please feel free to check out the Tour Companies here in Cambodia, there are a few very good ones, with premium prices. I have ridden all over the country on surveys, gotten lost, stuck, had to double back more times than I can count, but getting there is half the fun hey? I am looking to help or ride with the budget traveller, the ones that can afford the hire, but dont know where to go or how to get there, or are concerned about heading out alone.

    I have met so many people, looking to just have a short trip, and there are very few that will cater to these customers, especially in the high season, where they tend to focus on the larger and longer tours.

    Many companies have a set minimum number of riders, I do not. Even if someone needs to be met at a border crossing, and guided into Cambodia, I am willing to do this, and their tour can start there if they come in on a bike.

    I can also arrange bikes to be ready and waiting at the border for those that come by bus.

    For those that fly in, I will meet them at the airport, find them a hotel/guesthouse if they need one, and have the bikes delivered to their doorstep.

    As the season picks up, I will contribute more info on rides.

    Everyone needs to start somewhere. I am fed up with Telecom work, and have decided to take a step down a new road, make friends, and ride Cambodia while the dirt roads and tracks last.

    Road pavement is picking up speed here, as is the construction of bridges. Which is a good thing in some ways, but I will miss the ferry crossings, some were very unique experiences.

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