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  1. George Bell

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    Hi guys,
    I am planning a trip next year from where i stay to go round most of Indonesia so i can learn more about where i live.
    Has anyone done any part of this route . Roads or used any of the ferries on my planned maps?
    Any information would be fantastic , ,

    George Bell
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  3. Dodraugen

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    IMG_4281.JPG My bike in front of Mt Bromo, the famous Volcano on Java island.

    I crossed over Indonesia and did quite a bit of touring there, approx 13 000 kms in 2015. I shipped my bike over from Penang to Belawan, near Medan and rode on Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and West-Timor and into East Timor and then shipped my bike over to Australia.
    It was a fantastic adventure and a really really great experience.
    All I can say is have a lot of time to spare. This country is huge and roads are not so good and narrow and traffic are at times insanely tight and chaotic. Average speed is at best 40-50 km/h - sometimes less. Dont count on doing much more than 300 kms a day most places.
    Ferries - ha-ha I can write novels about ferries in Indonesia, the time a huge rat stole my food in my cabin on the Makassar-Surabaya crossing or when I had to sit 18 hours on a mooring bollard because there wasnt any other place to sit on the Larantuka-Kupang crossing and had to climb over a huge pig in a temporary cage just to go to the loo.

    Just ask specificly what you want to know and I will try to answer.
    Theres also much knowledge on the Horizons unlimited forum/HUBB site, south-asian section.
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  4. Goran Phuket

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  5. George Bell

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    make sure to bring the Carnet.

    Carnet de Passage - Wikitravel[/QUOTE]

    No need, I live here in Indonesia . I bought my bike here 2 years ago. Just been over hauling it and modifying it for the trip.

    Almost finished, luggage bought, Going to put 1000km on her first to make sure she is still reliable .

    I have a Indo driving licence and ID card. So the only problems should be the locals. LOL


  6. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Apparently one can get a Carnet for a thai plated bike/vehicle at AAM in Malaysia - The Automobile Assosiation of Malaysia.
    A swedish guy got one for his Honda Crf250 and told me:
    "The processing costs for the carnet for a Thai bike were about 1300RM. And a deposit of 5000RM for a Honda CRF250"

    Now thats interesting, how about a trip to Indonesia or India through Myanamar?
    Well - it will be shipping expenses Malaysia - Indonesia and back and guide and permit fees through Myanmar (and return) but it opens up travelling on a thai plated bike a lot. Maybe it has been possible for a while, but it was new to me at least.

    Appologies for interferonf your thread George...
  7. George Bell

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    No need apogees, Forums are to share info. The more knowledge the better prepared we all will be.
  8. Goran Phuket

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