Touring Laos on a Ninja 650r

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  1. Hello all, I did a bit of searching and from what I am seeing most riders are on something with knobby tires, even saw a thread with an ERn-6 with a set.

    So barring all the possible border crossing problems, would it be possible to plan a trip from Chiang Mai and do a Luang Prabang loop?

    I saw a great deal of information here about the paved roads, but before I start planning out a trip I want to know if it's easily feasable or not.

    I want to go for 2 weeks over Christmas, my back up plan is a huge loop of Northern Thailand.

    Thank you
  2. Totally feasible- the main road from Vientiane to LPQ is in quite good condition and easily doable on a road bike.
  3. No worries. Can do. Have done 3 trips to Laos on my ninja 650 two trips to the south and one to the north.

    The versys is better suited but go ahead and renjoy.

  4. Thanks so much, I am still debating on Laos vs Northern Thailand, I'll ride both for sure, but just need to see somethings first. Thanks again!
  5. Sure it's possible. People do Chiang Mai - LPQ on all sorts of bikes big & small.
    Richard has just been there two-up on his Honda Phantom.
    The Snail did Cnx - LPQ in a day on his Ducati 998 in 2008 when there was till considerable dirt / road works.

    Ive met Malaysian guys in LPQ with Hayabusas, having ridden in from Houei Xai.




    It won't be the bike that lets you down, but the rider not able to handle some of the slippery gravel / bumpy crap asphalt Udom Xai - Pak Mong.
    Udom Xai - Pak Mong = 81 kms & takes 3 hours.
    The rest of the roads are fine.

    Check out these Cnx - LPQ loop reports

    If you get the GT Rider Laos map you will see all the kms & elevation profiles for the roads you might want to travel.

    The border crossing wont be a problem.
    The mistake many first timers make is to not allow enough time. Travel in Laos takes time. LPQ alone begs 3 nights.
    Dont rush: Lao PDR = People Dont Rush & neither should you riding a bike.
    Good luck & let us know how you go.

    Note too that the bridge at Houei Xai is scheduled to open 11th December.

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