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  1. Hi fellow adventure riders,

    I did a 2 day Motorcycle tour last year In North Thailand.

    My Previous route was From Chiang Mai up the 107 coming off at the 1178 through the Pha Daeng National Park coming off at the 1340. Finally linking back up with the 107 onto 1089 staying at a resort in

    Tambon Tha Ton, Amphoe Mae Ai

    Then onto Chiang Rai, riding back down to Chiang Mai via HWY 1 then off the 118

    I am going back in Jan 2018 for my 40th birthday and this time I am hiring a bigger bike for 4.5 days touring before I fly south to meet me wife.

    I love riding country twisty roads, great scenary and maybe some tribes. Hopefully see some elephants next time

    What I want to ask is. Look at my previous tour, if you only had one more chance to ride in North Thailand, what route would you do?

    I have two routes in mind

    1) Mae Hong Son loop Anti clock wise from Chiang Mai


    2) Nan province taking in the famous 1148 heading north coming near to Loas- take in the big dipper arrive in Chiang Rai before heading back to Chaing Mai.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thanks very much

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  2. If you try & do both you will spread yourself too thin I reckon.
    Do the MHS Loop or do Nan.

    Check out this GTR trip planner

    If you go to MHS check out the GTR Chedi

    The 2016 8th Annual Tj John Hamilton-simon Siinthai Grant Mhs Memorial Ride

    Rak Thai is also a highlight of the MHS Loop
    Rak Thai - Mae Aw - Mae Hong Son
    then you have the amazing Nong Khiew road
    Why We Must Ride The 4009!

    Chiang Rai province: it should be noted that Chiang Rai province is jam packed with attractions, amazing roads & mountains to ride. Take your time & don’t ride on through too quickly. To get the big picture, use a GT Rider Golden Triangle guide map.

    You could spend days in Nan there are so many amazing roads
    Return to Nan & back to the future?

    Whatever you do, you won't be disappointed.
    Good luck & let us know how you go.
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  3. Hi,

    That is the problem. I know I have to only do one. Both look excellent. I am guessing from your own experience what would you choose if you only had one option.

    I may never get chance again to cme back to North Thailand.
  4. I think the MHS Loop is the box everyone needs to tick first, mainly because it is so famous.
    If you don't do it, it will bug you forever, not having hit the 1864 curves.
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