Touring the south in December

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  1. Hi,I have had a great time exploring the north for the last three years in Dec/Jan based in Chiang Mai and hiring bikes from Mr Mechanic.This year I would like to tour the south maybe based in the Phuket area.
    However the Foreign Office in the UK advise against all but essential travel to the provinces of Songkhla,Pattani,Yala,and Narathiwat.Is the situation that bad is it safe?,and can anyone recommend a place to hire a ER-6 or a Versys.[ 650 Adventuretours] maybe?
  2. You could try these GT Rider supporters in the south for a bike & the latest info on the situation in the south.
    But IMHO if you ride a motorbike around in Thailand you have more chance of getting run over by a truck / bus than being shot or blown up.

    You can also look at some of the Southern Trip Reports & you won't see any guys saying it was dangerous from terrorism.

    Ride & enjoy. It's nearly always good.
  3. I frequented the Yala district for 7 years when I lived in KL and never had any safety issues apart from many Army checkpoints. Once they see your a Foreigner they just wave you through anyway. Riding by day should be no problem but I wouldnt recommend doing any night riding. As always keep a civil tongue about you , be polite and the no problems should arise.
  4. Yes,I am going for it,sounds ok.Many thanks for your help and info.
  5. Tony
    I hope you're sorted for the south now, but was wondering about your trips in the North for the last 3 years - how good were they?Any chance of some tips & a bit of feed back on the highlights?
  6. Thanks David,yes sorted now.I have explored the north in Dec and Jan for the last three years.I base myself in Chiang Mai,plenty of longstay apartments.Lots of highlights, the Mae Hong Son Loop is a must,a spectacular 600km trip,winding over steep forested mountains and through tightly hemmed farming valleys.I usually stay in Mae Hong Son overnight and return to Chiang Mai the next day,but for a change it can be nice to take it easy and explore around Mae Hong Son.Exploring around Mae Sariang is good as well,the 105 from Mae Sariang to Mae Sot along the border with Burma is interesting. Stunning views deserted roads long fast sections, smooth asphalt then just around the corner it can reduce to a steep winding pot hole nightmare, all good fun though.About 60kms north of Mae Sot you pass a very large refugee camp which is home to around 40,00 karen refugees from Burma.North through Chiang Rai to the golden triangle is always worth while, the loop on the 1089 to the mountain chinese Kmt village of Doi Mae Salong is recommended also the ride from Mae Sai along the border with the Mekong river via Chiang Saen,Chiang Khong to Wiang Kaen,Thoen and back again is always enjoyable so is a trip to Nan.The ride to Nan should include the Doi Phukha Loop up a spectacular 2,136m mountain its a roller coaster ride on steep winding deserted roads it must be one of the best loops in northern thailand.
    Recommended day trips from Chiang Mai include the 100km Samoeng Loop,and the fast half day ride to Phrao is fun.I would also highly recommend the book Guide To the Golden Triangle by David Unkovich,and of course the The Golden Triangle maps of Northern Thailand are a must.
    The above roads are just a sample of whats on offer in the north,it must be one of the best kept biking secrets in the world,anyone out there who is thinking about travelling there just go for it,after all motorcycling is the best fun you can have with your clothes on.
    Take care

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