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  1. Every year Thailand celebrates Chrildren's Day on the second Saturday of the new year. Why don't we do the Toy Ride on Children's Day in the future?
  2. The Chiang Mai ToyRide was initially held on Children's day. It was later changed to late February (February 20, 2011). We had found that there were too many conflicting activities on Children's day. In addition, the Christmas/New Year holidays were just finishing and the majority of bike weeks are also held in December.

    The Chiang Mai ToyRide also has a number of smaller events throughout the year and we need time to organize them, conduct them, and not wear out our welcome by having too many too close together. See the Past Events on our website.

    As Auke suggests; we are always open to comments and suggestions on the Chiang Mai ToyRide website. We try to respond to comments and questions on GT-Rider, but although GT-Rider is a valued sponsor and supporter, the Chiang Mai ToyRide is a totally separate entity. Thanks for you suggestions.
  3. The route map
    Chiang Mai ToyRide 2011


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