Track Day at Bonanza Circuit; a new track at Khao Yai, Thailand

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  1. TonyBKK

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    A lap at Bonanza Circuit, a new track at Khao Yai, Thailand. GoPro on Kawasaki ER6n

    Finally found a day without rain and loaded up the ER6 to go check out the new Bonanza Circuit at the Bonanza Resort, Khao Yai.

    Colin brought his ER6n and Trent brought his ZX10R and Neil rode up on his Triumph Sprint ST.

    We had the track all to ourselves for the entire day! :mrgreen:

    Dangerous as hell with no facilities or proper run outs but a fun technical track in a beautiful spot with huge potential.

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

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  3. Franz

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    Tony, looks like a perfect distance track not such a Mikey-Mouse one like all the others. The steel guards at the end of one turn just will not have to wait too long until the first rider crashes into them, wouldn't like to have a crash anywhere on this track. But from what was seen on your VDO, I'm sure this track has plenty of potential and from the readings on your speedo, speeds seem to get quite high in some parts. Enjoy the track !! Cheers, Franz

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