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  1. Hello
    Ime wondering if there is any track day events in the NE Thailand, i have never done it before on a bike , but watching you guys has made me interested, ive got a new Versys ordered but i dont want to use a new bike on the track.
    I am wondering also if there tracks near me what cheep bike would be good to thrash around and also what would be the best safety equipment (used pref ) to buy or rent, i have previous for getting all the gear and losing interest so i just want the basic starter kit for know but i would be looking to pay up to 150,000b for the bike as i want to have a few bikes in my garage anyway.
    I have had bikes for 30 years but i wouldnt say i was a particularly good on or off road just average, thanks for your input
  2. Sorry but I don't think there are any tracks in NE Thailand. Chiang Mai Speedway in Hang Dong is now closed I believe? I hear the owners were unable to renew their lease on the land.

    I think the closest real track for you will be Bonanza Circuit, just north of Khao Yai National Park:

    It's a work in progress, not many facilities available, no medical support, so take it nice and easy :)

    Certainly one of the cheapest options for a track bike will be a 2009 ER6n. They seem to go for ~160-190k Baht these days and you can strip them down and take them to the track as is. You'll quickly find the limitations of the stock suspension and probably upgrade that first, then look at other ways to cut weight and improve power, but bottom line, the ER6n is a really fun and forgiving track toy, cheap to repair and easy to sell on if you decide to upgrade to something more serious down the road.
  3. Thanks Tony youve been a great help with me getting to know GT riders, ive been reading through the posts and you seen have a business delivering parts, what type or parts and accessories can you supply , can you PM me any info, i will need some add ons for the Versys and when the house and more importantly the garage is finished i will be getting together a collection of motorcycles , I was initially disappointed because in the UK i had quite a collection of toys, but as cars are stupidly expensive in LOS and i have no water/sea up in Rio et i will be content with motorcycles, tuk tuks, and may be the odd Quad.
    I would rather deal with a westerner, no slight on the Thais its just i do not have a good technical awareness about motorcycle parts and i already have a collection of parts and equipment i will never use that i have ordered from the internet and from shops around Thailand.
    Once again thanks for your help
  4. Tony is right Bonanza seems to be the only serious track in Issan, we occasionally use a defunct go kart track near Korat. Pay the " custodian " a couple hundred baht each and use the track as long as you like. No facilities. If you need a location pls e-mail me. Do you ride dirt?
  5. i used to do a bit but ime 42 now and not fit no more ..well i think ime falling apart, ide have a go but i dont think i would be able to keep up with the kids like.. funny you should say that tho ime looking at getting one of them GPX 250 there only 69,000 and they seem to get a good write up, i am still waiting for my Versys ime on my way back to thailand now so i will go and see the dealer and see what the hold up is,,its pissing me off now.
    Tell me what you and your mates think about them GPX 250s ime not expecting it to be as good as the hondas, kwackers etc but its only for tooling around on and lending to my mates when they visit,,i want it road legal though i beleive its possible now
    Any way hope to see you around Harry

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