Traffic in Vientiane Capital has been improve

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    073106 - KPL News

    (KPL) The number vehicles are on the increase and this creates other issue for the urban authorities and people to cope with.
    Motorcycles are a convenient type of transportation in Vientiane and also affordable. The price of motorbikes in Vientiane Capital and other provinces are quite affordable according to the incomes of the people. Chinese-made motorbike cost USD 400 or 500 while rebuilt 1960s Japanese-made Honda Super Cub’sâ€
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    why do you read this stuff???? KPL sheesh...
    If you travelled from Bangkok to Vientiane and someone said rushhour.... you would think sleep hour.....

    The road past the Lao Plaza is closed at the moment but hopefully will reopen soon. Its all been fun in vientiane this past week. We are having road works around my office and the works caused a tree to fall down blocking access all day....... TIL

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    Not out riding, so need to entertain myself somehow - at least it go you & you read it.
    It's actually better than Edwin's stuff slagging off rental bikes & the general motorcycle touring scene in North Thailand. Some people have nothing better to do with their lives....
    Hope you're holding the fort at the Kopchaideu & Bor Pen Nyang for me
    while I am away. Next trip over should be early October / late September, hope you are around for a ride then - North or South, Luang Prabang or Savannakhet is ok.
    Should arrange another Mekong boat trip (with or without hacks) November or December if you're interested.

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