Tragic Death Ducati GM Thailand

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I have just been told this Morning that Chum the GM of Ducati was Tragically Killed last night when He was in an Accident with a Parked Truck! Not many Details at this Stage but My Feelings and Best Wishes go out to His Family and Many Friends. Chum was one of the Good Guys of the Motorcycling Fraternity and had gone out of His way to give Our Mate West the Best Deal Possible for His New 1200 Multistrada which is on it's way! Won't Be the same without Him and Hope He finds Happiness on His Journey to the Next Life. R.I.P. Mate


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Sad news indeed. Chum was an extremely nice guy & will be sadly missed in the Thai motorcycle community.
Our thoughts & best wishes go to his family & friends.
RIP mate.


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Dec 15, 2009

I have just received word from a close mate of mine in Bangkok, that Chum the main man in Ducati Thonglor got killed last night on his way home.

My mate was in Thonglor this morning and found the place closed but staff were inside. Everyone was crying. Dom came out and talked to my mate and that Chum was going over one of those small hump type canal bridges and ran into a stationary telecom truck. Apparently the truck had no visible signs or lights displayed to warn oncoming traffic. I'm sure that this is a route that Chum has taken a thousand times before.

Chum was the heart and soul of Ducati Thonglor: salesman, PR & marketing face, event organiser, experienced track day instructor, the list goes on.

I'm absolutely gutted, as I had known Chum for over five years. He may not have been a close friend but he he still stood up as a stallwart for Ducati and motorcycle participation in Thailand. He will be sorely missed.

I will post up more as I find out. :sad1::


Rustic Charm

Jul 17, 2007
Thank to Ian, David and Garry for their tributes.

Chum, who was only 33, was killed riding home from work on Friday at about 10pm. According to Jay, his Streetfighter hit a stationary truck that was parked over the rise of a bridge at the intersection of Petchburi Rd and Ramkhamheang Rd. The truck had stopped to repair streetlights and had warning lights and signs placed too close to the truck which couldn't be seen by vehicles approaching on the incline to the bridge. What a waste!


I went into Ducati Thonglor Saturday afternoon after receiving a text that Chum had been killed. The place was closed up but there were a few bikers and mechanics on site. JC (848) and Tony696 came along after hearing the news. Head mechanic, Jay returned from the police station with Chum's wrecked Streetfighter and it was a poignant moment as we sat and watched Jay and the guys unload the bike.

There was a nice memorial service at St Louis Church on Sathorn in the evening. Such a large number of well-wishers turned up to pay respects that they couldn't all be seated inside. He is survived only by his sister, who gave a moving, tearful thanks to all for attending. It was rather surreal to see the casket with Chum's picture next to it and a video and slide show of his Ducati rides and training courses.

I bought both my Ducati's (S2R 1000 and 848) from him and we had last ridden together on a one-day 700klm ride from Bangkok to Phuket for the bike week in April. A more helpful and friendly guy you couldn't meet. Along with head-mechanic Jay, they were an excellent team at Ducati. He will be sorely missed.

The funeral service is this Wednesday in his hometown of Nakhom Pathom. The turnout is expected to be huge and I will be riding there along with (hopefully, work permitting) Gus, Reimund, JC, Tony696 and others. Obviously, any bikers wishing to attend will be welcome.


May 7, 2009
To Chum, thank you for your friendship and for being such a great guy. Rest in Peace. You are always on my mind...


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Dec 15, 2009
Rustic, I posted your info from Thaivisa on the Ghostriders forum as well.


Oct 17, 2006
My condolences to CHUMs family and friends ,

he was a nice person and a great Bike enthusiast , how sad and so typical of thailand that a little Health and safety by the Lighting company might have avoided this tradgedy.....when riding here assume nothing and you may live a little longer.