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  1. for the past month and a half barring bike problems, ill -health and weather issues, we have been exploring and trying to piece together the labyrinth of trails that makes up doi sutthep mountain.

    apart from the mapped truck trails that go up the mountain there are countless walking, mountain bike, farming trails.
    barry bbq, myself, big and tall, ball and tommy have been riding these trails trying to push them through and connect them all up.
    are weapons of choice are lightweight motocross bikes which make the trails exhilarating if not a little tiring, and the odd spat of cursing when they wont start. howver for turning round, lifting over logs, snaking through trees they are perfect.
    barry loves these moments grinning like a cheshire cat whenever one of us has dumped it



    spending the next 10 mins sweating and swearing trying to get it going again while barrys finger hovers above that magic button teasing us.


    justin takes a break from the technical trail we were on as you can see from the photo, it was a real challenge getting up that one





    we stumbled upon this waterfall/pond/bathing area, when on one of our descents back onto the 1296. halfway through the trail this waterfall/pond/bathing area provided us with the perfect excuse to get off our bikes and spend 2 hours sunbathing and playing in the water. this was quality singletrack, although going up might have been a different story. it was a relief to link it through after numerous dead ends and dodgy farmers directions had used up nearly a whole day of riding


    tough singletrack up to the observatory from behind the 121( bring water)


    no need for a sidestand here


    justin struggling for grip, unbelieveably he managed to keep his cool throughout the ordeal. ( oh but where is the CRF i hear them call) answers on a postcard.


    it was a real horror show ending in a explicit manoevre that had to be seen to be believed to rescue the YZF from its beleagred state.


    if the locals thought this little section was hard before, they wont be too pleased with team blue after he spent 45 minutes meticulously burrowing another 1ft into the trench


    valve issues plagued this rider..


    and he called silverhawk for some reassurance and much needed consoling. and a lift back to the bewildered mechanics.


    here mister " independent rock bitch ", struggles with his revvy RM125 on a rutted section


    DSC02478. DSC02493.jpg

    former enduro champ mr. ball shows his displeasure at a rocky uphill section


    whilst his sidekick mr. tom strugled to find words at all



    anyone who enjoys singletrack and thrashing around the bushes feel free to get in contact for a ride. but be warned we take a lot of breaks regardless of the terrain.

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    Posted - 24 Nov 2007 : 18:24:23

    those arent even the revealing ones either mr .rossi! anyone who wanst the full monty send me an email as i dont want to tarnish a good honest message board with filthy man photos. and yes i second no invites for mark anymore unless he brings along the mio instead of his yzf, then we can begin to negotiate.


    mark rossi
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    Posted - 25 Nov 2007 : 18:18:08

    all jokes aside, suzi-lu and B&T are definatley unique guides, makes for a fun day hooning around the mountain, would recommend to anyone, all you need is to rent a honda xr and go with the dynamic duo,goodtimes assured

    let your right hand do the talking

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    Agreed Mark. Wicked pics and a great write up from Luke and B&T but I think I'd be a bit worried accomanying the "dynamic duo" after seeing B&T's "trouser tent" pic. I crash a lot and would definitely would not want him "chasing up the rear" if we went out again - may put a smile on his face, but definitely not on mine!!! (only joking Justin )

    "Belligerent, honest, sarcastic and rides like an arse? Hmmm, that'll be me then! "

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    This is the way that the Thai goverment stop motorcycling in the forest - for everyone. Same in Europa and elswhere....


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    dont understand you peter.. what is the way they stop motorcycling in the forest??????

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