Trails bike wanted

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  1. Hi can any one help me out with a trails bike ?
    Open to any make, Beta, Yamaha, Gas Gas,
    Even old Montessa or Bultaco
    Must have Registration documents.

    Using a Honda XL 100 at the moment, immaculate condition for the year, very clean, looking to sale. Any one interested or exchange for trails bike.

    Living in Maejo for last six months, so any help with phone number/address for good trails bike shops in Chiang Mai would be really appreciated,
    so difficult to find information on the internet !

    Cheers Harry
  2. Jamie is bringing in lots at the moment, and can register them but nearly no ones bothering with reg for mostly off road use.

    I have his contacts if you want.
  3. Hi LivinLos

    thanks for quick reply. As a new member here, any contact number would be great. Just want it with reg so I can use it to nip out on the road in the village as well.
    cheers Harry
  4. Well the rego will cost about 80 - 100k on top of the price.. So not cheap.

    The fine for not having a rego, if you have all your excise taxes paid, is usually 500b.. And it seems up north unregistered bikes are far more tolerated.

    Hence for a majority off rd bike, most of us would pay the 500b's every once in a while.
  5. I cant PM you, your post count is too low..
  6. Hi
    i replied on your other post

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