Train Transport for Bike through Thailand??

Apr 20, 2003
Hi Folks,

I just came back from Nong Khai and it's a beautiful place... Love teh scenery from Mekhong. Does anyone know how much it costs to transport my bike from Hattyai to Nong Khai via train? I'm thinking of just riding in Nong Khai and possibly Laos on my bike but want to spare the rest of the trip.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Probably need to know what sort of bike you have to give an exact answer.
But after speaking to Jerome & Sophie Maurice from
The Pha Daeng Mansion
I have some info for you.
Jerome & Sophie say it cost them 800 baht each to train their 125cc Piaggio scooters from Hatyai to Bangkok. They also say they were quoted 1,000 baht for bikes over 125cc. The fee goes on volume, not weight. So using this as rough guide you could guess it might cost you about 2,000 baht for Hatyai - Nong Khai, depending on the volume / size of your bike, which I guess should be bigger than 125cc.
But why not ride up & perhaps start to ride back, & when you have had enough, just put the bike on the train & kick back?

Keep the power on


Feb 23, 2003
Train VFR400 Cost me 2300bht from Chiang Mai to Trang (not far from HY)a few years back. But the best way I've found is a company called Rossapoor (not the correct spelling) they will take your bike anywhere (now must have a valid address) cheaper than the train -above trip HY-CM 900bht (NOT created up) it can be sat waiting for your arrival. You post the bike a few days in-advance and then fly there a few days later on the money you have saved by not using the train. If you do use the train don't let them con you as there is no extra fee for man hadling your bike and the rope is free!
But please remember you are going to miss out on some fantastic roads by doing this - maybe a better idea is to ride as far as Hua Hin then train it..... keep in-land and off the main road that flies all the way to Singapore as this road is crap but the in-land road is well wicked but a long haul- what bike you got?


Feb 26, 2003
I'm not sure about this, but would it be worth considering hiring a chap to ride/truck your bike up for you, and pay his expenses, busfare/trainfare back? You could make arrangements for it to be dropped off at your lodging, and looked after. Seems it might possibly be cheaper. Just a thought.

David-Do you know yet if you are going to be around Chiang Mai the middle of Feb next year?

Apr 20, 2003
Yo folks,

Thanks for the overwhelming response!!! I'm impressed by the wealth of information you ppl have got!!!!! And it really also makes me feel at home in here.

Ok, to answer your questions... I've got an XR400R (2000 model). One of the reasons why I'm thinking of riding only in NongKhai is because I can only take about a max of 8 days leave per trip, at least for this year's workload I've got... sigh.

Also, planning to go up in Dec during the cool season. It's a swell time moving around. Last time I was there I hired a 100cc bike and boy oh boy, how I wished I had my XR with me!!!!

Another thing, why start from HY? Well, I was thinking from Singapore, I can ride one FULL day up to HY. After that, I'll then put it on the train and reach NK on Day 3 latest. I'll then have a full 3-4 days riding there after which I'll head back... train and riding combo. I know it's a little tight, but I just can't wait to have my XR with me during the cool season by the Mekhong.... awwwww man... I'm excited even writing about it.

Okay, in the meantime, please add to this any other advice you may have... and Happy Riding!!!!