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  1. I don't know if anyone else follows Touratech adventure days on Facebook - but they have what looks to be some amazing training days.

    I saw a Kawasaki weekend on the events forum. I was wondering if there were any days organised for training where the training would be in English. I know the instructors may try to accommodate non-Thais ( i never see any westerners in the pics ) but its not quite the same.
  2. Where are you based ?

    There is another kawasaki event in chonburi. End of august.

    Dont worry about language. You will get by. They are excellent people and fun events.

    Will post info on the event soon.

    Trent and myself at the last event.

    Browsing the mags at Kawa Rama 9 today.. and spotted this in the Riders Mag from the last event.
    A couple of Non Thai faces on the second page ;-)




  3. Im in the deep south .. I do get to Bangkok on the bike, but it won't be in August. If it was in the middle of a 4 day weekend, I would make the effort.

    I tried to speak to Touratech Thailand, they just had what looked to be an amazing event in Surat, they don't even advertise the events in English, i can read Thai, but I don't want to go to an event where it appears I'm not welcome.

    I might look towards Malaysia. I tried to talk to TT about it with no response, there is a massive market, hundreds of ( if not a thousand or more ) Malaysian riders cross the border every weekend to enjoy Thai 'culture', food, hotels - Here in Hat Yai we are greatly benefiting from the explosion in bike shops - A training weekend, which includes these guys is a real missed business / sales opportunity.

    I will keep my eyes on your Kawasaki posts, maybe I can attend one day.

    ETS: I know any training is good training and all skills are transferable, but I was more thinking about heavy adventure bikes rather than enduro which is seems the Kawasaki days are based upon - However, I got to say, it does seem more appealing, not to worry about trashing your own bike and use someone else's lighter enduro :)
  4. No hire bikes.

    All training and enduro on your own bike. ?
  5. So, the kawasaki day is no good for me then as I don't own a dual-sport.

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