Tralling Into Vietnam With My Own Private Motorcycle

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  1. I like to enter Vietnam with my own bike. The bike is registered in Thailand under my name, I'm travelling with a German passport and I have a legal Vietnamese drivers license valid for super-bikes. I'm also holding a valid business visa for Vientam. Does anybody knows or does anybody got any relaible informations what needs to be done, what kind of documents I need in order to pass the border legal without trouble? I've done it once by smuggling the motorcycle but a Triumph Explorer 1200 is causing to much attention and the risk that the bike will be confiscated is to high as closer you come to a bigger city.
    I tried Flamingo Travel and those guys promised to get me a legal temporary import-license, presented a price (which was reasonable), we agreed to the border I wanted to use to come into Vientam but since I'm asking which copies of the Thai-registration documents they need translated into Vietnamese there is silence. They simply don't answer any email since December 2016.
  2. I am also interested in this. Any help?
  3. Hi Alex, so far no further accurate news. What I'm doing at present is do apply for an official 'temporary import license'. The procedure is time consuming and expensive. The license ia about 1.000,- $US per permit / license and can be shared. Basically as more riders as better as the price is devided by the number of vehicles.
    It will be a not organized journey, means without tour-program and without guide.
    A guide will bring the group over the border, will do the formalities and done. From that point you're on your own.
    How long the license is valid is not clear at present.
    I'm planing to cross the border right after Chinese New Year, the first Sunday after. Coming from Chiang Mai to Cambodia and not sure yet where to cross the border to Vietnam. That's the general plan.
    I'm willing to share the license but I'm not flexible with my travelling date.

    I crossed the border from Cambodia to Vietnam once and I smuggled my Triumph Explorer cross the border. This was about 400,- $US and I paid the same getting the motorcycle out of the country. But the problem is that you're not legal in the country and the police can confiscate your motorcycle. For sure you pay a lot to get off the hook once you're caught.
  4. I am flexible with the dates. I did planned to be in VIetnam in January, but I am willing to postpone in order to cut the costs of the entry. It would be good if somebody else would join and make the permit even more affordable.

    Yes, I am not consirdering to be in Vietnam ilegally. To much risky. But it seams to me that even with the permit you are not 100% sure that you are legal :). The duration of the permit is unknown, for example.

    What is the agency you got the quote from? I also contacted flamingo travel (via web form and email directrly). The are mentioned a lot on the forum, as somebody who can help, but I did not get any responce from them, yet.

    I got the reply from Vietnam motorbike tours & overland Vietnam motorcycle tours through Asia. They said there are not doing the permits for individual bikers anymore. Because it is not legal for them as an agency to do that anymore !!!. Only way now is group permits with fully guided tour.

  5. well to be friendly: It is difficult to deal with Flamingo Travel, they are quite special. But it seems to me as if this agency is the only who can get a permit. I've been there a couple of weeks and I've spoken to them in person. To me it seems as if they are evry selective.

    You only can hope that the license is legal. There is always a risk but that's what is life about, isn't it? And you got a story to tell even if the story might cost you a bit.

    The license is valid as long as your visa is valid. That's what I've been told but of course I don't have it black on white.
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  6. Which entry and departure dates do you have in mind?
    Could you please contact me by PM for more info

  7. Hi ...I'm interested ... in January Chiang Mai ... on a 650 V-strom , have one leg so bike is set-up for me .. reason I wish to take my bike ..Contact me by PM too .. shall have a word the guys at Mae Hong Song Memorial ..
  8. Hi Pensionist,
    not sure whether you got my last message, I don't know what PM means. No idea how to contact by PM.
    But: The border Cambodia / Vietnam I have to cross will be Cua khau Quoc te Hoa Lu. That's the beginning of the QL13 leading finally to HCMC.
    The date will be the Sunday after Chinese New Year, if I'm not mistaken it will be the 18th of February. Eventuall one week earlier it depends on my professional situation.
    Depending on the Thai custom I'll stay abroad for 30 or 60days.
    At present I'm discussing details of the border crossing with a group of riders with the local travel agent. It seems as if more motorcycles makes it easier.
  9. Hi there, January is no option for me due to my professional obligations. Gonna be in Chianf Mai from the 17th onwards.
  10. PM means Private Message
    Click on the users Avatar, click on start a Conversation. Private between you and him, or you and how ever many people you include

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