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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm interested in a Transalp 400 which is for sale in Pattaya, i can't find much infomation regarding this bike apart from it was produced for the Japanese market.

    I would prefer a 600cc/650cc model but i'm rather limited on my budget, and not wanting to pay more than 100,000 to 120,000 for a legal bike

    I work and live on Koh Tao so i think the engine size would be fine for around here but what about on the mainand 400 km trips etc, cruising speed, fuel effeciency, general reliabilty and comofort, if anyone has any experience with this type of bike any infomation would be very much appricated.

  2. Maybe you should check on the Kawasaki KLE 500, a comparable bike but not as popular. It should be cheaper than the Honda Transalp and has the Ninja 500 engine, perfect for a small touring enduro.
  3. Hi KZ,

    Thanks for your input and advice, KLE 500 is a nice looking bike but i'd still prefer a Transalp, i guess for looks... although i should take practabilty into consideration more i guess.
    I havent seen a KLE 500 for sale in Thailand, perhaps i should look a bit harder, i'll do some research and read some reviews regarding the KLE 500.
    Thanks again for your advice

  4. Me, a couple of mates and one wanker toured down south a few years ago on them. Rented them off the beach in Patong, went to Samui, Lanta & Krabi over a period of 9 days. Each one performed adequately with a comfortable cruising speed of 110 - 120 kph. Rider comfort was fine and economy OK (12 baht a litre then!).

    Another board member, Jimoi has one in VTE and will prob pitch in with his opinion which will be more current than mine.


    A Great bike have mine 3+years, done almost 30,000 kms, really reliable (It's a Honda!!)Only had problem with CDI and a fuse, all the rest just typical wear and tear. Very comfortable but not suitable for short guys.I'm 5'10" and I was having to reach for the ground.
    Easy to cruise at 120 kmph, beware there is no fuel gauge !I used the trip metre on every fill-up and at 220kms went in for a refill .
    Fairings are a bitch to find replacements for.
  6. 120 kms is fast enough for me....(to old to be a speed freak)

    Reliabilty and comfort are my main concerns, i'm 6ft 1" so putting my feet on the ground whislt stationary shouldn't be a problem!!

    Ok to find parts i.e CDI Unit, did you have to order on-line fromJapan, still can't find any specs info, i.e plugs, valve clearances, even fuel tank size or is it the same as a Transalp 650.... is it possible to get a workshop manual or do you have a PDF copy Mr Fat Bastad (i feel so disrespectful calling you that)
    Nice pics of your bike at Kanchanaburi, i was up there last year on my bosses Virago 750, hope to be up there in 10 days time.... be nice if i had a Transalp.
    So far postive replys.......

    Thanks again for the input guys

  7. For a more information on the bike:
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