Transfer of Ownership and Location

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  1. Transfer Ownership and Location
    This has been covered before but I am posting it because it is different every time.

    Phantom TA 200. 2 years old.
    Purchased new and registered in Prachuap Kiri Khan
    Registered in the name of Swedish owner

    Swedish man on working visa
    Resident in Kantaralak near Sisaket
    With Passport plus signed copy

    Australian with Non Imm B and Work Permit
    With Passport plus signed copy.
    With Work Permit plus signed copy
    With Statement of Residency from Employer

    The Seller and Myself(Buyer) went to the Sisaket Transport Office and filled in all the documents for transfer of ownership and paid B25.
    They then told us to come back in a week while they transferred ownership from the Prachuap Office to Sisaket. They gave us back all the forms and Green Book.
    We came back after a week and they took the forms and Green Book and asked us to take the bike for inspection. They took a rubbing of the Frame Number (there was a hiccup here I will detail later). We then went back into the office and waited while they typed my name and new details into the Green Book. They then issued a new Sisaket Plate and charged us B420.(Because the bike had only just been re registered by the previous owner they did not renew the Insurance component of the registration cost)
    We were then free to go, happily.

    The hiccup mentioned above was that when the worker did the Frame rubbing his fat supervisor came over and said this bike is not genuine, it has been chopped and rebuilt. I told him it was only 2 years old but he wouldn’t have it. He pointed to the lumpy welding at the front of the frame near the steering head. I told him my other Phantom was exactly the same. So they made us wait for over an hour while his director came in, took a look and without a word took us into his office and signed the transfer. I must say that while we were sitting there wondering, it crossed my mind that I could have been duped because I didn’t look that closely because the seller was local and known to my friends. I wondered how I could prove its authenticity without any invoice the bike having been purchased new in Prachuap .

    Prachuap Plate
    Sisaket plate
    Next Trick.
    Go back and get a Certificate of Registration and Bike Passport for travel to Laos.
    Cheers, Peter
  2. Hi Colin,
    My brother is coming over from Aus in Jan and we are taking 2 bikes to Laos, starting from Pakxe up to Luang Prabung, down to Nong Khai and then follow the Kong back down to Ubon. We have allowed 2.5 weeks for the trip so that should cover it.
    Did you get the photo of the bike I sent you when I bought it? It was rejected the first time I sent it because the file was too big for your inbox so I tried again. Tried to email and send msg through the GT Board.
    I knew you would be interested to see the photo. I will sell it after the trip to recoup my outlay which was more than I had hoped for.
  3. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for posting the name change process as experienced by you.
    I know the theory is probably already reported here, but it is good to have actual experience from the different provinces to build up a picture of current practise in the real world rather than theory.
    Khon Kaen is fairly straighforward but seems also to be taking a more careful look at the actual frame stampings.

    Happy New Year to you.
  4. Hello John,
    There is always some mystery surrounding these transactions and I had it somewhere in the back of my mind that you had to actually attend the transferring office, This proved not to be the case and it was relatively smooth, I guess computerization has helped this.

    Have a great New Year and I hope to catch up with you in 2010.

    Happy New Year all GT Riders for my 200th ? Post.

  5. inspections of frames can be a problem especially when manufacturer Laser etches the numbers instead of stamping them the good old fashioned way,
    every time my Ducati is checked they have to scrape the paint off to see any numbers.
  6. Monsterman,, that sucks, scrape the pint away,,,

    Here when i changed my bike to my name few mnths back they wanted to see engine and Fame number, Well frame number is easy them to see, but engine number is bit too much work and i told them to look they papers as im NOT gonna open my tupperware for that, it take 2hrs i told them and they accepted and i was happy as i did not need to do anything for them.(this is in Ubon)
  7. Problem is that Laser etched numbers are a good security idea as the number is made up of tiny dots and they go deep into the metal ,almost impossible to erase as Xray will always see it unlike a good fake restamp of normal numbers which can fool XRAY but on the surface there is little to see with paint or powder coat on top.

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