Transferring Bike Ownership

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  1. Hi,
    Quick/siily question,read online somewhere that to transfer ownership of a bike in Thailand the new Farang owner needs a work permit or "residence certificate".
    Any truth in this?
    Will arrive at the end of the month on a 30 day visa exemption thing,but will try to arrange a Non O visa (marriage) while I am here,and see if the wifes' family can get me on a housing register somewhere.
    Let the red tape nightmare begin!
  2. It varies a bit from province, but basically you need confirmation of ID & address.
    Generally this means either a letter from immigration - Certificate of Address.
    If you're buying a new bike, the shop will tell you what they need & should look after it all for you.

    You could also take a look at this page on the main GTR website
  3. Thanks David,wasn't sure if I would have time to buy a bike or just rent a bike for this trip.....

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