Transferring green book to my name/private PCX sale Bangkok

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  1. I searched and could not find a sub-forum relevant to green books and documentation for private sales in Thailand.

    I am deciding between buying used or new for a PCX150 in Bangkok.

    A major consideration is the hassle of transferring the green book into my name. I have a student visa and my proof of address would be my rental contract. I know that going to the immigration bureau to get the proof of address form specially for this will cost me half a day of my life.

    Is the rental contract in my name i) impossible ii) unlikely iii) likely iv) guaranteed to work as sufficient proof of address when Iam in person with the seller at the DLT?

  2. NO a rental contract is NOT sufficient. You will have to get the letter from immigration
  3. Thank you.
    If I buy new do I still need to go to the DLT to get my name in the green book, or will the Honda dealer do it for me before I ride out the shop?
  4. If you buy new, you supply the copies of your documents, including proof of address to the dealer and he will do the registration. You get the insurance document immediately, with the bike, but the number plate and green book come later, often quoted as 45 days, but can be quicker, or sometimes a lot longer, as with my new BMW, 5 months from purchase and no book yet.
  5. Thanks again John.

    Last question. I have the proof of address document but I recently moved house so my old address is shown on the document. Is it worth paying 2,500THB to get a new one for this? What ultimately is the relevance of the address in the green book?
  6. I believe the letter is only valid for 30 days, but you may want to check this with your DLT office. I am sure many bikes are running around with old or invalid addresses. If you get any fines or tickets based on your number plate they will go to the book address. If they are ignored they will show on the computer when you go to renew tax
  7. Ok great, good to know. Thanks again for the replies :)
  8. Easiest way is to register the bike to the address in the work permit which is written in Thai.
    Of course as a student you don't have one; just mentioning it for the benefit of others who have one.
    Doesn't make much sense since once you change jobs and/or the employer changes, the address changes.
    But at the Trans Dep they love a WP, makes their job easy.
  9. Both my current Thai bikes are registered in my name and my employer's address, which as you say, is the address in the work permit.

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