transporting bike-chiang mai-south

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  1. anyone know how i can transport my 125 south from chang mai?transport companys-trains?due to visa nitemare ive gota leave country+will be south when i must-long+complicated story!surat thani would be ideal.any ideas or info very much appreciated!
  2. Try the Post Office & mail it down
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  3. LIFESAVER!been told i could put on train-but that has its own will it arrive+wheres it gona b kept!-slash your a genius-didnt think of ridin it!-too longa story 2 explain why i can,t!
  4. Howwwyyy
    Actually I hope you can explain with a nice long road & trip report, after all your requests for help & advice.....23 posts so far & only 1 small minute contribution with a tip. So as you said ..…….i,m 44-not so young julian!,shld know better.........I'm sure it is going to be a good read.
  5. it's a 125 mate!
    sell it in Chang Mai and save yourself the grief.
  6. Yea! Howwwy, be a howitzer, an ride the ride, m8 you'll beable to tell the grandkids about the time...
    I know your not a nancy boy....regards Scott.
  7. know its a gd bike+wana keep tom,i,m a nancy with a short visa+plane ticket that i,d already paid for!all was ok til mae sae immigration gave me a nasty surprise scot-long story mate!
    reason i havnt said alot david is because-im pretty inexperiencd of place +feel as if would only be repeatin whats already known!had to cut short trip cos of the new visa law,will fill in back rds i took,cariageways are much same,same!specialy ona sonic!

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