Trials bike without plate on a pick-up: problem?


Feb 8, 2007
Hi all,
I'm on the move to tie up again with trials, my favorite motorcycle-sport... some 30 years ago! :mrgreen:
Searching for a bike here and there, obviously these bikes don't come with any green book and many times even any invoice...
So, is it a problem with police and law transporting my trials bike in my pick-up to go "trialing" somewhere in the mountain (no plate + no lights + no blinkers + no horn)?

As a precision the bikes I'm looking for are pre-90s ones...

Some have similar experience transporting "racing" all-terrain bikes on pick-up?

Thanks in advance for your advices.


PS: if someone knows of a Honda TLR250 or a Yamaha TY250 (before 90s) for sale by there, thanks to tell me...

Barry Neves

Jul 28, 2004
Hi Gobs - A fewyears ago now I was carrying my fully street legal FJR1300 back from servicing at Bangkok (Red Baron) to Chachoengsao in my pickup when I got pulled over at a police road block. I did not have all the bike docs with me as it was obviously not being ridden and you guessed it - the cop stated that I may have stolen the bike and it would have to be confiscated unless I paid a fine. Which obviously I did and equally obviously went straight in the guy's back pocket. I guess the moral of the story is its largely a matter of luck and depends on the mindset of the boy in brown who is dealing with you! Best of luck mate! Barry


Jan 31, 2005
My question is sort of related.

When you buy a fairly new full on Dirt Bike (CR,YZ, RM, KX) in Thailand, does it normally come with any paperwork ie Green Book?

Do you still have to pay your annual Tax on a Dirt Bike which won't be driven on the road?