Trick ER6

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  1. Spotted in Savannaket, southern Laos
    17th Feb 2011

    French Claude with a very smart, tricked out ER6

    and the other guy, French Jerome, an Africa Twin rider living in Savannakhet.

    Now a few snaps of Claude's bike. Check out ER6 mods, all done by himself.

    home made Givi rack with the lock that fits the standard Givi lock.


    fairing with mount drilled into the mirror stalks.


    air horns & heat deflector fitted on the frame.

    home made chain oiler

    Claude & Jerome

    It was great meeting you in Savannakhet, Claude. Your ER6 mods have turned the bike into a little beauty. Well done.
  2. I especially like the front end, the windscreen seems to blend perfectly!
    Would you happen to know where the screen comes from?

  3. LOLZ! That's a Ninja 650R screen. Only cost something like 600 Baht new from Kawasaki. Just have to find a shop that can fab the mounting brackets. Ride On! Tony
  4. Doesn't look half bad, and certainly better than some aftermarket options for 10x the price.

    Would like to know what the wind protection is like from this one - it looks pretty tall. Is that going to be as good as a Ninja in terms of wind protection?

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