Trip Nth Thailand via Mekong and Thai/Laos and Thai/Burma Borders.

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  1. Hi Dave and everyone else interested.
    I hope this info is acceptable to the Forum and its members. First time I have had a go on here, so not up with all the new things on this website.
    If I can give any more info on the trip or phone numbers etc please contact me via this site.

    I have just completed a trip around the top half of Thailand on my T-Max 500cc. Up the Mekong River on the Thai/Laos border and down the Thai/Burmese border.
    The wife and I left Pattaya in the morning on a great clear day and headed up Hwy 331 to Phanom Sarakham, then right down Hwy 304 through Kabin Buri to Thong Chai, then right down Hwy 24 all the way to Ubon Ratchathani, a distance of 667 kilometres. All the roads were sealed and in good condition with plenty of fuel stops all the way and plenty of food at these stops, I mainly use PTT service stations which were plentiful.
    We stayed at the Ubon Hotel in the heart of town on the 5th floor overlooking the night food market which had music and all types of great food and cheap beer and fresh juice drinks. Rates were B800 which included a very basic breakfast, the room was large and very clean with balcony and cheap beer and other assorted drinks, nuts and chips etc. i finally found this one from Biologic. also parked the bike at the front door where the 24 hr. security is.

    The next day we headed up Hwy 212 through Amnat Charoen, Mukdhan, and Nakhon Phanon to Bueng Kan a distance of 462 Kilometres. A clear day, cooler riding as we got into some hills further up. All good road, plenty of PTT servos and great scenery following the Mekong River all the way.
    When we got to the main set of lights on the highway, we turned right and rode to the Mekong and found a great hotel, the Maenam Hotel overlooking the Mekong river with great rooms with all amenities, A/C, mini bar cheap beer and a restaurant on either side of the hotel or you can eat overlooking the river with great table service. Cost of room Bt400 a night, you can get American breakfast next door. Bike parked out front of hotel under 24 hr. security. Hotel is on 107 Chanshin Road, Bungkhan.
    The next day we continued on Hwy 212 to Nong Khai then left down Hwy 2 to Udon Thani, right down 210 through Nong Bua Lamphu to WangSaphung. Right up 201 to Loei, left down 203 to Phu Rua then right down 2013 to Nakhon Thai, turn right at Yaong down Hwy 12 to Phitsanulok. A distance of 573 Kilometres over good roads, mountains, hills, bends and great scenery. Plenty of PTT and food stops all the way.
    Stayed at the Topland Hotel in Phitsanulok, situated in the middle of the city. 24hr bike security in front of hotel. Great room, with all modern conveniences. We stayed on the 12 floor, overlooking the city and swimming pool, night markets and river.
    Cost Bt1200 a night, breakfast extra. However if you pay for breakfast at the check-inn counter its Bt 200 of the price of ordering in the restaurant? Don’t know why but great food.

    The next day we headed to Mai Sai, up Hwy 11 through Urraradit to Dan Chai, right up Hwy 101 to Rong Kwang, and then left down Hwy 103 to Ngao, turn right up Hwy 1 through Phayo, Chiang Rai, to Mae Sai. A distance of 303 kilometres.
    Good roads and highways all the way, some hills and sweeping long bends. Plenty of PTT servos and food.
    Stayed at the Wang Thong Hotel, Maesai. We were on the 6 floor, overlooking the river/canal great room with all the modern amenities a huge balcony overlooking Lao and the mountains. Great night market with plenty of cheap gear to purchase, if you have a Thai wife or girlfriend let her do the bartering and you keep away. Cost of room including breakfast Bt900. Had the bell boy have his girlfriend do the washing and ironing, it was all done and returned in 4 hrs. for Bt150. Bike parked at the hotel 24hr security car park next to the security officer.

    The next day we headed to PAI, down Hwy 1 to Mae Chan, turn right down Hwy 107 through Fang to Mae Taeng, turn right down Hwy 1095 to Pai. Good road, fuel and food stops. Hilly and mountainous country with sharp bends and curves.
    Stayed at the New Pai in Town Hotel. i finally found this one from Biologic. beautiful hotel with the biggest shower/toilet area I have ever seen, all night coffee machine free. The rooms have a mini bar and all modern amenities. There are a multitude of restaurants in the same street as the hotel and in the next block there is the night market that runs for 2 blocks both side of the road. Cost of room was Bt500 a night.
    Bike parked in the security section in their car park under lights, next to the Police Station. Distance of 341 kilometres.
    Next day continued down Hwy 1095 to Mae Hong Son, a distance 119 kilometres. Full of mountainous curves, bends and a lot of hairpin bends, in all according to the local Government, there are 1864 curves. In fact we went across the road, to the Chamber of Commerce from the hotel we were staying at and they gave us a beautiful Certificate, with your name and the bike rego number on it, signed by the Governor and president of Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce, stating you have completed 1864 curves.
    We stayed at the Ngamta Hotel, Cost Bt900 a night. Good room with all the modern conveniences. We walked down the main road to the left from the hotel and found a beautiful restaurant with great food. Had a look at the Long neck Tribes in the mountains and saw the Elephants at work logging.

    The next day we headed to Hwy 108 to Mae Sariang, where the Hwy changes to 105 to TAK, a distance of 487 kilometres. When coming out of Mae Hong Son you will come across some road works which is not too bad, then you seem to turn off the highway and think you have made a wrong turn after hitting it. However it is still the old road and bloody terrible, with potholes broken old bitumen and washouts and soft edges. It all adds to the excitement. I did see a lot of bikes using the same road and they were from all nations. We made some enquiries with the other bikers and found out; YES we were on the right road. After about 30 kilometres, we came out on a beautiful new highway that most had been completed and a pleasure to ride on. We pulled up at Mae Sariang for lunch right on the turn off to which goes back to Chang Mai. Had a great lunch and continued on down Hwy 105 to Tak.
    We stayed at the Viangtak Riverside Hotel. Cost Bt800 a night. Same again great room with all the modern cons in it. We ate at the restaurant and had watermelon drinks as the grog was way overpriced. Had a buy up at the 7/11 and got it for less than half the price of the hotel. Only thing on the whole trip I could pick that was wrong and they seal their beer in the fridge so you can’t replace it with the cheap cans from 7/11. We were on the 5th floor overlooking the pool and the river great spot.

    The next day we headed to Lop Buri, a distance of 321 kilometres. Down Hwy 1 to Nakhon Sawan, turn off at Singburi to Lop Buri. Stayed at the In-laws and had a night out for a BBQ.
    Two days later headed off back to Pattaya a distance of 321 kilometres. Via Saraburi, Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi then Hwy 331 to Pattaya. On this bit of road 331 we had the only bit of rain on the whole trip.
    Total travelling days 10. Total distance 3,800 kilometres, with a bit of running around sightseeing in the towns and villages. All in all, a great holiday and a great trip on the Yamaha T-MAX. It performed as a great touring bike with the power and speed when needed and good handling on the rough roads and surfaces.
    All the best Nipper
  2. Really good route Nipper. Love all those roads.

    Love to see some photos if you have any.
  3. Hi Dougal, I stuck some of them in my gallery, not sure how to put them on here.
  4. Great trip; takes me back. Heaps of good information. Much appreciated post.

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