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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by ray23, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. We are going to Mai Sai from Chaing Rai.

    I there a way to go west along the border to 1226, from Wat Fa Waing?

    Or do you have to got 107 to 1095?

    I don't see anythinng the resembles a road and we are on Dragstars.
  2. Yeah Ray, I would say you are pretty well locked in to 107 to 1095 on Dragstars.
  3. Oh well never seen that before either :lol:
  4. Hi Ray,

    Are you planning a stop in CNX? It would be good to meet you Isaan guys if you are in the area. :)


  5. CNX Chiang Mai?

    If so Terry and I will be there on the 6th b but have to leave the next morning he is still in work world. The oher guys will be coming up on another trip. Brothre Riders and Eagle riders.

    So we should be able to hook up Issan forum, for the ride postings.
  6. Hi Ray,

    Yep, "CNX" is the airline code for Chiang Mai. I'm assuming that you are talking about 6th December - i.e. Chiang Mai Bike Week(end)? Surely there will be a few things going on around town that weekend and Triumph will be having their 1 year birthday party on the 6th so I am sure a few board members will show up for that. Hope to see you whilst you are here.


  7. Yep that is the one, I may stay over the 7th, I'm not sure yet. got rooms at Sirinart Garden Hotel. Terry is trying to get a room there but I think is sold out. Anyone got a phone number on the actual hotel? Haven't been able to find one on the net.
  8. Ray
    You said some guys don't have a hotel.
    Try this one the Pang Sawan, not far away from the Sirinart ... index.html

    The website for the Sirinart is
  9. I spoke to Bob yesterday from the committee turns out they had as of yesterday they still had several rooms left at the discount rate, so I put it ou to the ride list. Don't know if they will take adavantage of it or not. But a they say around here UP TO You :lol:

    Do you know if that is the location of the even or near to it, forgot to ask Bob. we were under the impression that it was filled the first day so everyone stopped trying. I think waht happened were guys called the hotel and yuo have to make resevaions on the committee sight to get the rate.

    I have been reluctant to past an update on the site as I really don't know if I will be violating rules or not.

    Thanks David.

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