Trip planning brain drain !!!!

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  1. Hello All,

    Been at this computer all day - flat ****, fuzzed up head and sore eyes.

    Looking forward to kicking back in Thailand when all this crap is done.

    Sorting Visa's for India - Pakistan and Iran is enough to make you rethink your plans !!

    Any way, got most of SEA sorted with the help of this site but can anyone advise on if or what insurance for the bike is needed in Cambodia?

    Just to stay legal really - is it needed?

    Cheers guys

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  3. Come on, who edited out that bum word and left crap in ? **** is not a bad word or swearing - come on !!!!!!
  4. So it's auto filter is it?
  5. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Yes its the machine, no-one is sitting there correcting spelling or the odd bad word, but the software is not so clever when it comes to 'bad' words being found within 'good words', sorry about that. I hope someone who has been to Cambodia, pipes up with an answer to your question soon.
  6. Javawa

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    Insurance for motorbikes is not compulsory in Cambodia. In order to buy insurance for your bike you must have a Cambodia driving licence but that takes about 4 weeks to get so most tourists drive around without insurance.
  7. Thanks John and Java. Thought that would be the case with the insurance. Just wanted to be sure.



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