Trip Report 11-15-2007


Oct 14, 2005
Ride report: 11-15-2007

This is modified from the ride way took Saturday 11-11- 2007 , which ended up taking to Ban Dung, just as well we would never have found 2022. It is not marked in any way. We also modified the ride coming back. Thanks to Dil again who had ridden this before.

Start Point:

Global intersection 2410 east. (Out of town)

To 2312 Left turn north, it’s a T intersection you will be going toward Phenn

It gets real tricky here the road is not marked not any signs Thai or English. It’s approximately 10 Klms from the last turn. You will pass a village with a very fancy sing on the right and them a bit further you will come to an intersection by a school. This 2022 turn right east. This road is in great condition with very little traffic. Lined on both sides by trees that hangover the road almost feels like a tunnel at time. You will pass the Voice of America complex a huge complex and all of sudden the road becomes four lanes from there to Ban dung.

You will come to 2096 make a right and enter into Ban Dung, follow the road through town, you will come to a Wat turn left, talk it a few blocks to main intersection as I recall there is a light there.

Make right turn you are now on 2230 continue you on to Fao Rai, this road can get a bit rough, especially through the small villages. In Fao Rai you will come to another T intersection make a left.

You are now on 2267, continue on to Pompasai, just as you get into town this road is bad.

Go to Hwy 2 turn left (river road) (west) towards Nong Khai.

Approximately seven Klms out of town you will see a sigh for Sang Khom turn right, this road a can be rough for about 15 Klms and then it’s OK. It does not show a number on my map an interesting piece of road, some of it is a brick road. Some e cement and some asphalt. First time I ever rode on a brick road.

The road eventually turns into 2329 which intersects with Hwy 2 back to Udon

We left Udon at 0945 and were back by 1530 hours; we took it slow and didn’t push the pace at all. The road are pretty much traffic free so not a lot of dodging trucks or buses. Beautiful scenery. A nice day ride.