Trip report : Day 1 from Khon Kaen to Loei via Nam Nao

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  1. As I liked the area of Loei so much (thanks Marcus, Grant and Tony) I told my wife “see you in 3 or 4 days again” and I did hit Route 12 from Khon Kaen in direction of Lomsak. As we did route 12 until Petchabun last time I deceided to take another route this time. So about 30km after the intersection with route 201 in direction of Loei I took a right turn for route 2216 in direction of Khok Mon, Nam Nao, Wang Kwang and Lak Dan. Here I somehwhere changed to the 2016 in direction of Thai Loi, Loei Wang Sai, passing Phu Luang, Sai Khao and ending at Wang Suphong to take route 201 to Loei city.

    Wow route 2216 and 2016 are amazing beautiful roads, great view and for 90% good surface. And even where there is not good surface most of the time there are warning signs. Very enjoyable ride high in the mountains & fog. I love the “cold” climate here.

    I checked in again at “King Hotel” and while I was just enjoying a drink at “Coffee bar” MarcusB called me that he check-in also. A ride together the next day was ruined by a flat tire of his CBR150R. Lucky guy he saw his flat tire while parked in front at the hotel!

    Continued in next posting,
    Chang Noi

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  2. Day 2 from Loei to Chiang Khan taking the long way home via Phue Ruea and Thali
    The next morning I did wake-up early again and made a small sight-seeing in town that was just awakening and the clouds were pulling up. As I had a meeting in the evening at Chang Khan I had the plan to make a tour to Dan Sai & Na Heao and then back along the border road to Chiang Khan …. but this is Thailand so …. I did hit the route 203 in direction of Phu Ruea but after about 15km out of town I saw a sign for “Scenic view” and made a right turn in direction of Khok Tong. After a small mountain there is a magnificent view over a lake with floating restaurants. I followed the road but it became smaller and smaller and suddenly I was the center of village life where the road more or less ended. So I made a u-turn under the watchful eyes of the kids and rode back to route 203 and continued by trip in direction of Phu Ruea but somewhere near San Tom (about 23km after my last side-trip) I saw a sign for Luang Prabang so I made again a right turn for route 2399 in direction of Thali. After about 7km there is a beautiful viewpoint over the valley of Khok Yai. Again great roads and no traffic at all. At Khok Yai I changed to route 2115 to the Thai-Lao friendship border town of Thali (well actually 7km outside Thali). From where it is only 363km to Luang Prabang!

    That is where I changed to route 2195 in direction of Dan Sai. And although a very scenic route at some places it was not my thing to ride. Of the about 35km I did ride it about 60% wasIt was put-holes, put-holes, gravel and gravel and gravel ….. put-holes and nobody in sight in case any problems. In the more as 20km I saw only once a lost old Thai guy on his Honda Dream of 50 years old (the bike not the the Thai guy). Riding alone here did not give a good feeling.

    So just before Nam Thun I saw a good road with a sign to Phue Ruea, so I took route 2294 in direction of Phue Ruea. Again a beautiful scenic road with good surface all the way back to the 203. Then after a few km there is the entrance road to National Park Phu Ruea. I took it all the way to the top (halfway is a restaurant). You will have to pay entrance fee of 40thb/person and 20thb/motorbike. There are some viewpoint but the best view is when riding back …. wow! I love mountains …. and the cool wind. On a side-note I think there is actually a road going to the other side of the mountain but it was blocked by park-rangers.

    After lunch in the park I rode back to route 203 and it was a bit late already so I took the fast & easy road to Chiang Khan via route 203 and route 201. Going to Chiang Khan in the weekend while Bangkok is flooded was not a good idea. All guesthouses & hotels full. So we ended up in old guesthouse with only 4 rooms and booked them all for a full price of 1000thb. Wow has Chiang Khan changed in the past years! Gone is another relaxed village.

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  3. Great stuff Changnoi1.

    Lovely ride, nice report and pictures. Keep em coming.
  4. Day 3 : From Chiang Khan to Udon Thani via Nong Khai

    I did wake-up very early and walked along the Mekhong river at Chiang Khan, so much fog that Laos was gone. After a simple breakfast it was time to ride again! As MarcusB was still in Loei and Grubman had joined him yesterday, we made an appointment to meet at the intersection of the 201 and 2108.

    It was still early morning with a cool breeze and fog in the mountains, again a great ride. Until we went over the mountain and all fog was gone together with the cool breeze. We followed route 2108 until route 211 at Pak Chom and took route 211 along the mighty but not so blue Mea Nam Khong in direction of Nong Khai. The plan was to have a lunch in Nong Khai but as I saw beautiful mountains on my right I took a right turn and followed the beautiful route 2348 in direction of Nam Nio where I also saw MarcusB again changing his Ipod. And an amazing beautiful route, thanks Grubman and MarcusB! I followed route 2348 until Nong Weang where I made a left turn to take route 2376 again in direction of route 211 along the mighty Mekong river. This part was actually a bit boring part to ride. Back on route 211 I had lunch at Sang Khom. After lunch I continued my trip in direction of Nong Khai, but at Phon Sa I did not realize that there are 2 route 211’s going to Nong Khai and I took the wrong one. Actually looking at the kml-file I must have missed some other junctions also. So ending at late afternoon in Nong Khai. But as I wanted to be in Udon Thani for the service-check of the Versys at the Kawasaki dealer I left Nong Khai in a hurry and not long after that I arrived in Udon Thani to find that also here many hotels were full.

    Next day after a early Vietnamese breakfast I went to the Kawa Dealer and found them one of the best I have seen in Thailand.

    End of a beautiful 3 days trip! While I now type this it is raining again (since late last night) so the next trip have to wait a bit ...... trip to Chiang Mai via Nan?

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  5. Changnoi it is a great area to ride. Yesterday i ride for the first time, Roi Et-Maha Sarakham-Bypass Khon Kaen to Chum Phae-Loei. Wonderful how this large area all connects with good roads.

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