Trip Report North Thailand Nov-Dec 2005

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by Severi, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I'm Severi, I'm Finnish architect, but sometimes I work as a motorcycle guide in Cambodia and Thailand (next Russia). I'm absolutely motorcyclist in my heart. Now I even bought KTM640 LC4 to do some winter biking in Finland.

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    Nice report mate - love your bike too, Africa Twin. I bet you’ve got thousands of kms good riding out of that machine?

    I agree that Dec 1 Chiang Kham - Song Kwae - Pua - Bo Klua – Nan was an extreme day.
    This really is a full on day’s ride, with little or no time for photos or enjoying the scenery.
    And if you take a look at P159 of the Golden Triangle M/c Guide Book I do say this: “Don’t try the Doi Phukha Loop in a day riding to / from Chiang Kham – Nan.”
    If you’re going to do this again I’d suggest you overnight in Pua on the way through. There’s a nice guesthouse / resort right there in town: The Chomphu Phukha, with bungalows for around 500 baht a night, air-con hot water TV. They also have a nice restaurant plus some very lovely staff.

    For first timers here, it’s a common mistake to try & cover too many kms in a day. Lots of guys do it, they think that they can ride hundreds of kms in a day, just like they do back home on fast flowing roads. But “unfortunately” in the mountains here a lot of the fast cornering speeds are in 60-80 kph range & you can’t maintain a satisfactory high speed like you might in the west. Also I believe that if you want to learn something, look at the scenery & enjoy what is going on around you & not just ride like a bat out of hell, then 80 kph is about the right limit. Faster than this & you have to concentrate on the road & not look at the scenery. So you can do either one or the other, ride fast OR cruise along at 80 kph & smell the roses, not both at the same time.

    The long necks – it looks like you took the road out to Huai Sua Tao – that’s one of the prettiest little country lane rides I’ve done in the North I reckon! Did you have any trouble with the greasy weir crossings at all? I’ve dumped a Honda dream in the very first one, not paying enough attention!

    Also glad you met the Finnish speaking Thai lady in Mae Chaem. She has the Navasoung resort, & if you did not stay there I’d recommend it to you next time. Excellent food & no doubt excellent conversation in Finnish.

    I bet that in MHS at the exclusive resort, the receptionist who convinced you that all the other places in town were full, was a stunning captivating beauty & hard too hard to refuse????

    Last but not least the bald tyres on the bike did not impress me, but what’s with the guy riding “naked” in his shorts & sneakers?

    I’m off to Laos Feb 9th for 2-3 weeks, so if you want to meet this time you better contact me as soon as you hit town this time. No need for a repeat of Nov 25 & 26 or we wont meet again!

    Keep The Power On

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