Trip Report: The Phrao Loop

Jan 12, 2003
Trip Report: The Phrao Loop
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headed up to phrao on Saturday 11/16 to spend the night somewhere. Got a late start, but had a fun CRM250 from Mr. Mechanic for 700B/day and was loving speeding up 1001 in the late afternoon. It was getting colder as we went along, and dark clouds threatened on the horizon. Drip drip drip... Pulled over and made sure everything important was under wraps, and continued into the downpour. After reaching Phrao, it had settled down a bit, but after missing the turn to go to Doi Farang bungalow, we were heading up the mountain east of town and the rain began again. Decided to turn around, and when we were doing that noticed a little dirt road on the side, so hey, what the hell, right? That rapidly turned into singletrack, and with my friend (somewhat inexperienced I might add) leading down what I was considering a potential, albeit fun, mistake, he smacked the bike (an AX-1) off a hidden rock, taking off the shifter lever. oops.
We turned around and headed back toward Phrao, with him stuck in 1st gear. The rain started coming down so hard it was comical. Arrived at Doi Farang still in a torrential downpour and stayed the night. Michael, the propeitor, a nice but kinda weird guy has a nice spread with an obvious german organization.
Next day, my buddy hired a pickup in town to take him and the bike back to CM, while I headed toward Chiang Dao. There was a new mudslide as you head over the hills outside of Chiang Dao, with no markers warning you as you come around a corner, so be careful there.
Checked out the caves in Chiang Dao and had a blast on the twisties blazing back to Chiang Dao. I was born to drive here, passing on the turns, weaving through traffic. What a great time. Heading off now on the Mae Hong Song loop, will report on that when its done.

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