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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Pikey, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. To all you lucky lads & lasses in Thai,

    Here's the view out of the window at my dad's place this morning - minus 2 degrees! Brrrr :(


    Add constant cheesy Christmas songs on the radio and traffic jams from hell and I feel like I am in some kind of undeserved purgatory!!! Roll on 31/12 when I am back home in CNX.

    Happy Christmas to you all :D :D :D


  2. Saw K Dom this afternoon and he had sent K Joey up to CNX especially to do an inventory on damaged parts of your Bonnie, so that they can get it back on the road ASAP for you.
    Good service or what??
  3. Rhodie, yes have been impressed by Triumph's customer service from the word go. Let's hope the bike is back in time for the CNX toy ride. BTW, have got your brake pads.

    Col, family obligations mate! Do you honestly think it's my preference to stay here and pay £1/litre for petrol and the equivalent of 200 baht for a pint of beer??? Great to see everyone here but will be very glad to get back :lol:


  4. Hi Pikey,
    You will soon be back here having a few Beers so take the Opportunity to Enjoy! :D Hopefully you can find some Tasty New Replacement parts to put on Your Bonnie!!! Hope they can get it back on the Road ASAP. Hate for you to Miss the best Season for Riding. All the Best Mate :wink:
  5. Hi Jeff, if you're going to have any spare time whilst you're over here then maybe PM me with your dad's number?

    Be good to get the Bournemouth contingent together with the Poole mob!


  6. PS. I've always been an admirer of a neatly trimmed bush and that one in yer dad's front garden is a fine example....
  7. Brings back some not so nice memories, riding around Scotland in the winter with 3 pairs of thermals and brushing the ice and snow off your leathers, not to mention the inability to walk after riding when your joints are frozen stiff. I will stop complaining of the cold weather over here in Isaan now.
    Happy Christmas and New Year
  8. Jeff, my dear old Mum wrote your number on a scrap of paper which she has filed, safe.

    If you chance to see this then please get in touch again.



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