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  1. Apologies I understand that this question has been asked and answered on numerous occassions. I want to take my 250cc thai registered bike for a 14 day Lao adventure. I live in Udon Thani but understand that the bridge at Nong Khai is a no go.Can some kind soul advise the nearest alternative crossing where I am likely to encounter the fewest obstacles.I see that at some border crossings all the relevant paperwork can be obtained (my prefered option) It would be great if someone who has recently made the journey can talk me through the proceedure.I have Thai green book,Thai motorcycle licence (I passed my test yesterday)!!!
    I am on a retirement visa so I do not think my visa will be an issue.Any advice will be gratefully received.

    Thanks Guys
  2. I think at this point you can give the VTE bridge a shot, seems like some people with all the papers in order are getting in but it's hit or miss. Since you are in Udon, it's not a big trip. If not, the ride to Bun Kham/Paksan is not far and if you are headed south, your entry points might be better served at Paksan or Thakek. Visa on arrival is sometime a little sketchy at Paksan.

    Where you headed? It might be easier to enter at Chong Mek and make the trip in reverse.

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