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  1. BritBike Triumph has severed it dealings with Niyom Panich as the Triumph dealer in Chiang Mai.
    Supposedly they are looking for a new agent & shop location in Chiang Mai.
  2. Darn Shame but Not Surprising!!! Their Servicing left a lot to be desired and a visit to their Showroom was a Non Event unless the Guys from Bangkok were Up to get things going!!! Hope They get a Good Partnership and Good Service department going soon and I wish them all the Luck!!! Triumph have got some Great Bikes and even Better ones coming so would be Great to have them Here in Chiang Mai so it didn't requiring a Trip to Bangkok to check them out or get Serviced!!! :thumbup:
  3. I went inside the Nyom Panich Triumph dealership one day because I had spotted an absolutely gorgeous bike inside. It turned out to be a brand new Ducati supermoto, with lots of customization done to it.

    Me: Is that for sale?
    Shop owner: No, that's mine.
    Me: Wow, gorgeous.
    Owner: Yeah, isn't it?

    So.. not only is the owner of the Triumph Bike shop in Chiang Mai riding a Ducati, he also parked it in the showroom. Maybe HQ finally got wind of it... or the sales numbers told their own story... :p

    PS: It must have been the owner... a store clerk would hardly be able to afford a 1.2M baht bike... also, only the owner would get away with pulling a stunt like this...

    PPS: Maybe they're now switching to Ducati... would at least make sense.
  4. The Hypermotard was a Friend of the Owners and it Was for Sale? At least that is the Story they Told Me? Brit Bikes were let down By Sales and Service here in Chiang Mai and that is the Only Reason for ending the Partnership with Niyom Panich. They were unwilling to do any Promotion or invest in Demo Bikes and the Sales Shop only catered for Thai's? To My Knowledge Brit Bikes will continue on their own? They are Currently looking for a Suitable Location. I have also heard a rumour they may open a Joint Shop together with KTM? This wouldn't be a Bad Idea and maybe they could joint up with Ducati as well? Then We would really be Cooking :clap:
  5. Siam First have vacated their shop next to Piston Shop, & the rumour is that this maybe the next Triumph outlet in Chiang Mai.
  6. Yeah Nyom Panich is also Chiang Mai's Vespa dealer. These used to be a bit lonely in their main branch, they make a lot more sense on Nimman road. Perfect location for Vespa, really.
  7. I hope Brit Bike find a good outlet in Chiang Mai, sounds like a change will be best for all Triumph riders up there. We have the opposite down here in Phuket, they sell everything that comes through the show room and the service is excellent to date...thanks to Khun Andy at Phuket Brit Bike.
  8. Yes You Guys have a Top Shop in Phuket! Owned By Brit Bikes themselves and Andy is a Good Mechanic and came from the Main Bangkok Shop, also used to Work for Ducati! The Problem here was the Partners, Niyom Panich and they tried to use their Scooter Mechanics for the Servicing? Not exactly the Same sort of Bike??? We all Hope it goes Good! Fingers Crossed!
  9. I was in BKK Triumph last week they told me new Chiang Mai shop will be opening on the 4th November 2010, cant tell you address as written in Thai language only. I suppose they will have a Party to celebrate the new enterprise, sorry I will miss it again. Ian I hope Triumph get the pricing right on the new 800 Tiger as she looks like a ripper bike !!!!

    Cheers Ken F
  10. I was there today after brekkie at the kafe. Khun Tuu will have a monks ceremony I think on the 4th and there will be a soft opening after that. He told me when, but I was'nt paying attention ogling over the Street Triple and Daytona. The shop is next to his Harley shop on Moonmuang just before Siropum Corner. K Tuu a terrific dedicated bike guy with excellent English who I am sure will do well.

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