Triumph dealer will arrive in Khon Kaen?

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    While I was riding along Mittraphap road I saw an ugly old showroom where normally are shown some exotic import cars but now there were standing 5 brand new beautiful Triumph motorbikes. So I walked in and had a telephone chat with the owner. He is only putting the bikes there for show as the to open showroom from his friend is not ready yet.

    As I was informed it would be an full showroom, shop and workplace (official dealership?) .... all bikes are said to be legal imported and will come with all the legal paperwork like green-book and license-plate. The new showroom will open within 2 months. I think the Scrambler 900 would cost 700k.

    Well as long as I do not win the lottery I will never buy an Triumph here in Thailand, but it will be good for the all motorbike scene here in Khon Kaen. On a side-note I had a chat with a guy of the local Kawasaki level-B dealer and was told that there is an internal gossip that it will become an big bike dealer (actually their internal rebuilding the brand new shop and stock implies that they have bigger plans).

    Chang Noi
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    Yes it is the main Isaan dealership you have seen being set up.
    There is to be a showroom run by the same dealer opening in Udon as well.
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    Sorry I missed this one on the way through.
    Does anyone have any photos.

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