Triumph Rocket III Consept

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Marco, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. bennetts_RAllmondij_109.jpg

    Intresting looking triumph
  2. Hi Friends,

    I want it !
  3. I want it too.
  4. Did someone drop some acid tabs in the Triumph design departments teapot ?
  5. Yowser!! Now that's a bike, thanks for posting it, Marco! I'd give my neighbors dog to hear the sound of that engine, three 750s in a row...
    Love it! Just the seat is a bit too big.
  6. Design's really good but obviously not done by a biker, with that petrol tank you'll only go 5 kms until you run dry................cheer, FR
  7. Hi Friends, hi Franz,

    Please be a bit imaginative, that'a concept bike...Thus why to think it needs petrol ???
  8. AZ

    franz has so called "Germanice" brain,, it always thinks locically,, i know i have lived in Österich(Austria) also, but Franz 5 very entertained Kmh's i think,, how about if the deign team has made whole frame incuding space under the seat as a tank(Consept design) and so it would have capacity to almost 20L,, IMAGE....woooooow,special space suttle alloy frame....
  9. Nice scooter! I want one! Where do I sign?
    Is that a Triple engine mounted inline with the frame?
  10. With only one brake caliper on the front and none on the rear, running out of petrol would be the only way to stop it.
  11. Hi Friends,

    I want it !
  12. My ideal bike has 80 hp and weighs under 180 kg with all liquids. Add 17" tires, good breaks and some low maintenance Kevlar belt or shaft drive (I hate messy chains).

    This one doesn't look high enough and way too heavy. What is power without control?

    I had a KTM Supermoto 690 rider overtake me in the mountains at5 incredible speed in the curves. That's a bike in the right direction!

    Try a lighter bike - weight does matter!

    Try a bike with better ergonomics, like handlebars which are high enough and foot pegs which are low enough...

  13. hi Chris

    It's A coscept,, not even close to final model if that ever even come out from assembly line,,,
    Triumps has never had anything ike this before so i assume they are "exploring" new fields and looking for customer responces,,,

    for me no no, but there is lot's of ppl who would like that come out, i'm sure...
    Lets wait and see
  14. Right, a concept is a one-off showpiece of extreme ideas and taste - why would anybody talk about functionality? It's to show what ideas exist, what could be created on two wheels, while functionality is getting totally ignored. It's: "come up with all your far-out ideas and build something crazy that knocks people's socks off". It's an unreal eye-catcher. A "maybe this will be how bikes will look in the future" model.
    Maybe some of those ideas will trickle down into production street bikes available to the public years later.

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