Triumph Street Triple 675 .....AWESOME test ride

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  1. I rode a 675 Street Triple today for 100km it is amazing 675 cc but huge torque handles a well as a Ducati 130mph only 167kg pulls cleanly from 20mph in 6th gear all the way to the redline 14,000rpm what a fantastic engine so flexible , instant power in all the rev range no glitches , the sound is awesome the gearbox was sweet ..

    I want one when they are available in Thailand if I could bring myself to selll the S4.

  2. DSCN0392.
    That would be Andy's street trip at khao Yai a few weeks ago.
  3. The Street Triple has been available since BritBikes Started Selling the Triumph's. Quite a Few have been sold to my knowledge? The Speed Triple of Dom's has an Arrow Exhaust System and He showed me the Top Speed Readout 246kmh. Not Bad Eh so imagine how that Runs :D The Thunderbike Pipe and Mods I made to My Tiger Made a Huge Difference but sadly i have only Managed a Measly 239kmh Indicated :cry: Not to Worry it is Still Fantastic Fun and More than enough Power for Me :wink:
  4. YES
  5. Yup, it's a great bike. They have sold quite a few in Thailand but not sure if they are getting anymore... there is a hellish waiting list on them at the moment with most countries having sold out of their quota for 2008.

    Here's mine. I've fitted a Tyga low level muffler to replace the original underseat cans... saves nearly 11kg so only 156kg now :D .



  6. Not sure depends on MY Mums health and other problems ..and what I do about work?

    call me on 07711123635 I am in Brighton
  7. Andy
    Nice bike mate. Hope to see you up here with it at the end of the month. If you still do the MHS loop from Mae Sot, don't forget to keep in touch & maybe some of us guys will ride out & meet you in Pai for the run into Cnx.
  8. Cheers David

    Yup, we are still looking at doing the trip at the end of the month from 23-27. Route still not 100% decided but the Nan area is looking favourite as we've heard comments that the Mae Sot/Mai Saliang/MHS road is a bit rough now for full-on sports bikes - can you confirm?

    If we do go to Nan we're thinking of going from Lom Sak via the roads to the east of Sirikit Dam but I don't know these roads..any comments?

    If we do go to Nan then I'm sure we'll be able to meet up at some point.

  9. I think that there is still a bit of "easy dirt" on the Mae Sot - Mae Sarieng road, but Captn Slash is the expert "for all roads out there" at the moment. Take a look at ... t3437.html
    and ... t3770.html
    you will see some pix Mae Sot - Mae Sarieng in Jan 08 & Mach 08.

    I also think that there is some “not easy" dirt on R1123 or R1083 or R1241? N-E of the Sirikit dam if you're trying to get into Nan from along the Laos border. But you need to go through all the good Captains reports & pix to see for yourself.

    Whatever, good luck & hope to see you in Chiang Mai.
  10. Mae Sot to Mae Sarieng is easily done on a 675, tho there will be short stretches where you will need to slow down.
    But a truly great ride nonetheless.
    Carry on and do the MHS loop and it will be a tremendous trip.
  11. It's not so much the 675 I'm thinking of...we may have Ducati 998's and the like along as well plus most of us have done the loop before a few times (albiet a few years ago now) and there are a few roads around the Nan area that we haven't done. But that said, the loop's a classis trip.
    Ah decisions, decisions

    Cheers Andy
  12. Thanks Capt. I'd already checked out a few of your reports...very informative as usual.

    I've still got a couple of questions but rather than hijack this thread anymore I'll post another one specific to our plans.


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