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  2. Hi David, Hi Friends,

    Could you please update me with the Triumph Bikes which are produced in Thailand, and what exactly is really produced there ?

    Are these bikes dispatched then for the European market or is n't specially done for an other zone ?

    Thanks in advance for your contribution.
  3. Hi Azoulay,

    A bit of a grey area that. Seems Triumph are trying to protect the "Made in England" status when in reality, it should probably be something like "final assembly carried out in England" but of course that is not quite as marketable ;)

    Suggest that you Google for a few Triumph forums and get the skinny from there. In my opinion, after a year of ownership and about 9000km on a Bonneville, I really don't give a sh*t about where it was made/assembled but just enjoy it for the fine motorcycle that it undoubtably is.


  4. Hi Pikey,

    Thanks for your reply and I would certainly share the ridding pleasure you have with your Bonneville, of course no matter wherever it's made.

    But you know I am quite curious about it as some friends (Triumph dealers) in Paris do not believe a second that this symbol of England could be produce elsewhere...
  5. Hi Azoulay,

    A quick Google of the phrase "Triumph made in Thailand" brings up loads of hits and the first one can be read here: ... -made.html

    That should get your Triumph dealer mates choking on their Pernod! ;-)


  6. At the present time many of the components for all models are made in Thailand.
    The Twins I believe are fully assembled in Thailand and shipped off to wherever.
    Triumph Thailand are (were) in expansion mode with the intention of then producing all models in Thailand.
    The dilemma then arises as to how then they can claim to be "Made In England" and that would have to be dropped from any marketing activity.
    Hinkley would then just become a parts and distribution centre for Europe.
    It's inevitable that all production will eventually be in Thailand.
  7. After speaking with Tum ( BB of BKK ) only the 3 cylinder model bikes are assembled in UK - all twins, the Tiger and the Rocket are assembled in Thailand, at present.
    Triumph make some really nice bikes but the pricing is crazy especially when Kawa are selling their ER-6N ( made in Thailand ) 72 HP for 226,500 baht on the road. This is slightly cheaper than the selling price in UK, USA & Aust. Most people know Triumph bikes are cheaper in other countries so my question is " When will Triumph pricing become realistic here in LOS ? "

  8. Pure speculation on my part Capt, but I doubt you'll see a price drop. I recall reading or hearing somewhere that when Triumph initially proposed to build factories here, they stuffed up with the BOI and did not get permission to sell in Thailand at a reduced rate to reflect that the bikes were not imported. Therefore, on paper at least, despite the fact that the bikes are made here, they have to be "exported" then "re-imported" and this attracts the tax that hikes the price up. Like I say, no concrete fact on that one though.

    Still love my Bonnie even though the half-the-price ER6n will piss all over it. Put your arse on some class...... ;-)


  9. Pikey is 100% correct in his explanation.
    The market here is so small why would they bother with all the bureaucracy required to sell maybe 50 bikes per year?
    I also run a BOI company and for what it's worth vs the revenue received selling locally isn't worth the effort.
    Despite what Ken said Triumphs are generally more expensive than all the Japanese brands wherever they are sold in the world.
    And another reason why the Japanese bikes are even less expensive here than Triumphs as compared with Australia is that we should all remember that last year a free trade agreement was establised between Thailand and Japan which makes their imported bikes cheaper. The reduction in Duty and Tax continues annually for several years.
  10. Thanks Pikey and JohhnyE for your input and I suppose a BOI is a method of obtaining a tax rebate for selling internally ?
    A correction JohhnyE I was making the comparisom of bike prices assembled locally ( your BOI explains this ) not prices of jap bikes verus Triumphs bikes overseas. I would luv to put my arse on some class and would pay 50% more for the experience but I will not pay 230% more compared to the ER-6N 72 HP.

    Cheers Ken F
  11. Ken yes they are too expensive in Thailand but so are BMW,HD,Ducati.
    If you want one you gotta pay the market price.
    And the last thing I would do is compare a ER6-N with my Street Triple even if it's 230% more expensive. Not sure what Triumph model you used for that price comparison - was it the Street Triple?
    FWIW the ER6-N is a learner bike not a man's bike!
    BOI - stand for Board of Investment - it allows foreign (and Thai) owned companies significant tax breaks to establish companies in Thailand primarily to employ Thais and Export manufactured producrs. It is not only for export however and not only for products but if you are geared for export, selling locally is a pain in the arse!
  12. JohhnyE I would luv a Bonnie and always will its just a crying shame that they are made here and still bloody expensive like HD, BMW & Dukes which are not made here. I was at German Joe's yesterday and he had a XS650 yammy twin in a Suzuki frame and running gear, this would also make a great town bike. Your right the ER-6N is a learner bike but so is the Suzi SV650 and look how much fun they are all over the world and a what I read the ER-6N is a little better. I want a town bike to replace the Phamton and my FZ1 is not user friendly around town.
    I would luv to know your definition of a man's bike haha !
    When are we going to see you and your new bike out on a GTR run ?
  13. Although made here in effect they are deemed to be fully imported and hence subject to all the taxes and duty etc.
    There is a full explanation of all this on another part of the forum which I read today which concurs with exactly what I've been saying.
    In summary it repeats what I said - there is no point any company incurring the costs required to sell 50 bikes per year. In fact I don't want to sell my stuff domestically either.
    As to what is a mans bike your FZ1 definitely qualifies.
    As to when you will see me on a ride - if they were organised well enough in advance and didn't always without exception fall on a day that I work then you'll see me.
    When I was a lad rides were always on Sundays for those of us who worked but never are they on Sundays in CNX.
  14. Talking about a "learner's bike" - would you give your son or girlfriend a 70hp bike to learn on?! I'd say a learner's bike should have 250cc max, and that's excluding the Ninja! Learners need a light, easy to handle bike that forgives a wrong input and doesn't take off like a rocket when you pop the clutch. A Honda Phantom, Kawasaki Boss, a Tiger 200 Boxer, a KLX 250 or a Platinum 175cc Enduro is a learner's bike. In case of the Platinum you also learn not to buy any cheap chinese made junk.
    But a 650cc bike with 70 horses and a top speed of 200km/h I would not recommend to anybody who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle.
    All this talk about "a man's bike" pushes youngsters to buy a CBR or a Ninja with close to 100 hp and then they kill themselves before they even get their plates and give motorcycles a bad rap as being dangerous.
  15. "I would luv to know your definition of a man's bike haha ! "

    Ken, don't take it personally, I don't want to get on your case, but before we define a "man's bike", maybe we should define "man"?
  16. I picked up a new price list from Britbike at the Udon meet and noticed the Street Triple is now an eye watering 615,000 for the SE and a further 25k for the new R. :shock: Sadly, I wont be riding around on one of them in Thailand for awhile.

    Anyone know the reasoning behind the price hike? Is it to compensate for falling sales or maybe changes in the exchange rate :?
  17. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. finger.gif
  18. Hmmm, I guess that's why the Kawasaki ER-6n is booked solid for the next 30 days countrywide? There are only 50 ER-6n's available per month for sale in Thailand and the waiting list is now over 2 months long!
    Ninja 250R, D-tracker and KLX all still selling strong.
    Seems to me that Kawasaki read the Thai market a lot more accurately than Triumph and now Kwacker is reaping the rewards. At a time when global sales of motorcycles are flat or declining Kawasaki is setting new sales records in Thailand every month. Bravo Kawasaki! :D
  19. "At a time when global sales of motorcycles are flat or declining Kawasaki is setting new sales records in Thailand every month." - There was an interesting article in the BKK Post a few days ago. Seems like January sales of all motorcycles were down 23%, Honda hurting the most since it has the biggest market share. Yamaha and Suzuki also posted red numbers, but Kawasaki had a sales increase of a whopping 50%! But that's easy to acheive with a surprisingly small share of the market. I knew Kawasaki doesn't sell many bikes and is generally not like well here, but that their market share is maybe 2% is astounding. They are just a notch up from JRD, Tiger and Platinum! Guess that is about to change a bit this year...
  20. Triumph pricing for the Bonneville twin models in Thailand is a joke , the bikes sold in Thailand are made in Thailand although the engine is made in England and sent to Thailand so its a partially CKD for customs which means it would attract a higher rate of tax but not the full import duty that it is actually priced at 550,00 Baht double the price of same bike in UK.

    My calculations based on Thai governments own BOI manufacturing rates for vehicle duties makes the retail price about 395,000 Baht being that the bike is 865cc .

    the 3 cylinder models are built in Uk so they attract full import rates ,,,Kawasaki are building the ER6 under the same laws and regulations as Triumph so someone is taking the piss as kawasaki are selling the ER6 for about the same price as in UK .
  21. Triumph are going to miss a lot of sales and the Grey importers will take up the slack, they can undercut Harley Davidson here by 20% on NEW 2008 and 2009 models with books and warranty and I am assured that they will be doing the same with Triumphs when supplies can be obtained.
  22. Got my bike serviced today and the Kawasaki ER-6n is now booked nearly 3 months out. Wow!
    ER6f will be on display at the Bangkok Motor Show and they should have an official price and launch date at that time.
    Let the Good Times Roll!
  23. Hi Jerry,

    If I follow your thinking, Trimph bikes (with an imported engine from UK) should decrease in price as the GBP has droped quite significantly and the Thai custom basis for calculation should take this into consideration.

    At present a lot of Euros based bikers such as Germans and Frenchies are crossing the Channel to buy some cheaper bikes paid in GBP. Then they will stay few month (I think 6 with the British plate numbers and then transform it in their respective country numbers...

    Hi Tony,

    In the meantime coul you tell me when will be this Bangkok Motor Show, if by chance I could be there at this time ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Egoistly, I do regret that Kawasaki would be sold out for 3 month, I think it's this kind of bike you can "crack" on and buy on an impulse for 5000 €...
  24. Does anyone have the updated price list for 2009?
  25. A friend helped me out and shared the prices so below are the prices for 2009.

    Bonneville (EFI) 535,000
    Bonneville (EFI) SE 545,000
    Bonneville T100 (EFI) 590,000
    Thruxton (EFI) 575,000
    Scrambler (EFI) 575,000
    Speed Master 595,000
    America 590,000
    Street Triple 675 (SE) 615,000
    Street Triple R 640,000
    Daytona 675 675,000
    Speed Triple (SE) 780,000
    Tiger 1050 ABS 790,000
    Thunderbird 1,090,000
    Rocket III Touring (Two tone) 1,280,000

    Britbike Co., Ltd
    Tel No. 02 203 1315 - 16

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