Trouble with spare parts in Laos !!!


Feb 8, 2009
Last time I was in Laos with my bike. I forgot to check my break shoes before I start. Later down in the jungle I got a big problem. My break shoes finished. What can I doo ???????? No answer. I sleep in the jungle without food and cold beer. Nothing going on. I cant drive my bike anymore. Suddenly I herd something.... I wonder what is it ?

It was in the morning and a lot of fog....... and also I need a spark plug - in the jungle no way to buy it. In my dream I saw a big motorcycle shop, cold beer many spare parts, nice girls but ......THE ELEFANT GOD COMING 3000 kg and very very heavy - he helps me - shure. More than 3000 kg. Only 3 pictures but ..... I m back in CNX.




Now I bought this nice elefant and open a spare part shop next in cnx - shure

Is there somebody who needs parts .. cars also. !!!!!!!


Nov 17, 2004
I'm able to help most requests in Laos. If you are in need of spare parts, give me a call. Most easy items can be shipped to you within a day or so. If I have to get it out of BKK or CNX, it'll be a bit but I've done tires for Beemers and Harley within a few days. I use air service in Laos or the local bus.

There are complications to anything but I'll help most riders in distress in Laos as long as they are patient.

My contact details for those coming are online and you can ring me at +856 20 238 5562 or email me, [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

If I can't help directly, I'll see who I know where you are. Saifuddin out of KL knows a phone call is easy and it made his problems up near LPQ go a lot easier.