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    So sorry to hear about your troubles Peter. Hope all turns out well. Regarding the police, their action simply reinforces what I have always said, that they are thieves in uniform. They are not the protect and serve public servant that western people think of. Regarding Mr. T bike, I would not set foot in their shop if they called me up and said they had a free bike waiting for me to pick up. Just my opinion.....
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    Robert, I agree with you about Mr T Bike. I went in there enquiring about a 1100GS they had parked outside, for sale. Basically they wernt interested in giving me any details about the bike, just said its outside, take a look and thats it.

    Mind you its interesting going upstairs checking out all the spares they have for the older BM models


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    Dave and I were really upset to hear what has happened to Peter and his family. We bought our TDM from him this time last year. He is always helpful and welcoming when we turn up at the shop. The bike has been great and we have no complaints there. Peter even stored the bike for us over the summer when we returned to the UK for 4 months as we had nowhere else to keep it.

    We really hope that things turn out for you Peter. Send us an email and we can have that beer that we mentioned when we saw you in August.

    Look at our photos:
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