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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by brian_bkk, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Thought I would share this as there may be others out there that find the normal body armour too much or too hot.

    This is by no way a replacement for the more hard core body armour.. But may be something of interest to those that are not bouncing off trees and rocks at high speed.

    Half way house.. I will give this a try and any road riding or more hard core stuff.. Wear my mesh jacket over the top.

    Only low point I really see with this is.. There is no lower back protection.. The hard core body armour also protects the lower back and tail bone quite well.
    So may need to look in to something to cover this..

    Below is Dirt Shop's FB link.. Not sure if this will be visible if you don't have a FB account



    Dirtshop have stock. K Noi is always very helpful and they can EMS the gear to you if you live up country.

    I am 6 ft tall and took a large.. The XL and L are pretty much the same.. But as I have no excess girth.. L was fine.. If you fit in to the girth category or a much larger frame.. then XL may be for you.. but personally I just found the stomach and chest just had too much play in the XL

    Hope this is of use

  2. thanx Brian, for sharing

    interesting search result - how much they sell it
  3. The price was at 5+ k baht.. When you compare to the US websites.. pretty much the same..

    So no incentive to get it overseas..

  4. I should add..

    If you ask for a discount at Dirt Shop you usually get one.. I did with this purchase.. But they know me and I have bought a lot of gear from them.


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