Trying to organize a group for ChaingMai bike week


Oct 14, 2005
Just a heads up we are trying to organazie a group that will ride leisurely to to Chaing Mai and enjoy the event, this is supposed to be the biggest bike week in thailand I have avoided in the past as most ride it a lot faster then I'm comfortable with.

There is also a toy drive being considered by GTriders this year, so that may or may not happen.

Personally I comfortable with speed of 90 to 100 and a lot of rest stops. So at least two days there. I've done the ride with my wife and it is really beuatiful. We spent some time in Chaing Rai so the last one was ten days.

So if anyone has an interest in forming a such a ride please chime in at the moment just in the idea stages, so ideas would be appreciated. Some might want to go in cars as well. Maybe a support group in cars. Heck I don't know just an idea at the moment.

The event shoud be somewhere around Chiang Mai Bike "Week" Dec 8-9 at Green Lake & Mae Ping Hotels. Not etched in stone yet.


May 22, 2007
Ray, what macattack says is true. You've just been to the Bang Saen bike week and it is the biggest I've seen; over 4,000 people and over 1,000 bikes and good organisation.
I've been to the CM bike week for the last 3 years and I'll say this: I've never gone there for the bike week; it's the ride up there and the ride back. This year we'll go up via Nan and Chiang Khong and return via Mae Hong Son and Mae Sot. I'm excited as hell!!
Sorry we did not manage to meet up at Bang Saen, but I'll come up to Udon and go on one of your rides.