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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by Rhodie, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Rhodie, I purchased 2 of those JCB phones, and despite the "Tough" advert, neither worked. They are utter crap. Steer away from them. Just don't drop your iPhone and get a decent waterproof casing for it.
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    Nokia have just brought one out that is shock proof and water proof (rain proof). My mate has one just can't remember the number lol
  5. Rhodie

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    Pikey, replaced his JCB with a Samsung[?] - p'haps he could advise if it is/was any good?
    There is definitely a need and demand for both phones and cameras that can withstand a battering.
    Be interested to read of others' experience and recommendations.
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    The JCB was OK and I think was one of the first truly rugged phones. Some of you will remember me throwing around my old Nokia 5100 when "under the influence" but the JCB (AKA Sonim XP1) was a different class. A bit clunky and lacked any add-ons like a camera e.t.c. It was a phone and did what a phone was designed to do. I sold it to HappyFeet who promptly lost it before he could appreciate it ;-)

    Now have the Samsung B2100 "Solid Extreme" and for 100 quid it's a bargain. Has more bells & whistles than the JCB and is rated to IPX57 as opposed to IPX54 for the JCB. The thing is slimmer, is actually waterproof to 1m and drop resistent too. I've had it for 6 months and am well impressed with both the functionality and the resilience of the thing.

    http://www.samsung.com/baltic/consumer/ ... prd_detail

    For a "tuff" camera, both myself & HappyFeet use the Olympus 790SW. Again, waterproof & drop proof. Also, because it's got some funky anti-shake stuff, it works pretty well as a video camera RAM mounted to the bars of the bike.

    http://www.dpreview.com/news/0708/07082 ... s790sw.asp

    If you're going to pay money for something, you may as well pay for something that's going to stand up to a few knocks & scrapes.


  9. Rhodie

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    There's obviously a recognition that there is a need for such phones and cameras.
    So it is hardly surprising that Casio has brought one out in the States:
    Personally I believe the design flaw is the hinge but it should not be too long
    before we see this as an option as the G-Shock was so many years ago.
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    The Samsung Phone has an impressive certification also , Mil-std810F,
    a testing critrea used by the US Defence amongst others,
    Not sure you`d be able to hide in the Jungle or Sand with a Red one though :lol:

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