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  1. Just returned from delivering a Cat from the Red Sea to Turkey via Israel.
    Fantaststic trip thru the Suez canal.
    Saw some very weird looking, mainly I assume Chinese and Taiwanese bikes..all rip offs of Jap bikes. Unfortunately had a tech error and lost my Eygpt bike photos.
    However got these few beauties in Finicke, Turkey.

    Any takers on this beauty ?
    And these are just a gas...

    This one is more like the Gypo bikes....

    Thats all...
  2. Yes, China and Iran are full of Honda CG125 copies. I don't think Honda is getting too many royalty payments...
  3. thinking of heading of that way myself ,,any tips on what to expect ??

    and did you do any highway miles there ??

    do you need local drivers permit ??

    any info good ,,
  4. Hi Friends,

    For the third and fourth pictures, I recognise what was French mopeds; a Motobecane and a Peugeot one...after few changes, we must admit...
  5. HI

    And picture 1 and 2 is IC Planeta 350 a Russian made very reliable 2 stroke motorcycle.


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