Tweaking The New Gtr Forum

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  1. Tweaking the new GTR forum
    We have added some new widgets to the sidebar (on the right hand side) that you can see, showing;
    · A very fast, efficient Google Search Engine that shows results in a pop up overlay
    · Latest Threads - over all forums
    · Most Popular Threads 2016
    · Latest Posts - within the current forum that you are viewing

    Previously, we added a "Similar Threads" listing that displays under the first post in a Thread. This lists any threads with similar topics to the Thread you are viewing, in the hope that they may add interest and links to additional information whilst browsing on GTR forums.

    We trust this is making life easier for people using GTR.

    Thanks to every one for your continued support & contributions.
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  2. one question David....why is there not a simple first entry login on the site.??
  3. On your desktop if you set your bookmarks page to

    S.E Asia Motorcycle Touring Forums |

    you should see this image
    GTR Log In.
    on the top right hand side there is a nice bright green button that says Sign Up Now!

    If you are on your phone you should see this
    top right Log In or Sign Up

    or scroll down & you should see this
    dead centre. Bright green block button Sign Up Now.

    Please check your bookmark.
    S.E Asia Motorcycle Touring Forums |
  4. thanks mate, will test it out
  5. There are some social media buttons to click on to to promote GTR
    Goggle +
    Facebook recommend

    these are at the bottom left of the page


    there is also a Like button
    at the bottom right of posts

    Check em out & give them a click

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