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  1. On the Net I came across a book called "Twist of the Wrist Vol.2", by Keith Code, which is about bike safety, riding, racing and control techniques. While it's very informative for the rookie rider [me], although it is more focused on racing, it also provides a good review and tips for the far more experienced racer and road rider.

    A bootleg copy of the book is available online for _free_ and the torrent can be downloaded at::
    The book is in .pdf format, so you'll need a free copy of Acrobat Reader to view the file.
    The book file is 17mb and downloads in just a few minutes.

    NOTE: The torrent shows many bike manuals, in the large parent file (16-GB!), which also can be individually selected and d/loaded. To obtain only the 'Twist' book, upon linking to the torrent, _uncheck_ all of the listed files, then _re-check_ only the file for the 'Twist' book before initiating the download.
  2. I know it would be an interesting read, but unable to download:

    "Invalid file ID"

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