Two, fantastic, orange Mighty Minsk Machines up for sale! Phnom Phen, HCM Saigon


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Mar 3, 2013
Some people wonder why does the Minsk generate so much love and loyalty? They are smokey, loud, and guzzle oil with their gasoline. Despite this, our bikes have proved to be tremendously reliable, comfortable, and easy to repair.
Comes with-

- 125cc of power
- full vietnamese papers and plates
- extra spare parts including spare tube
  • full tool kit
  • lock
  • luggage rack
  • Access to our blog for your route, tips, border crossing and tons of tips
BONUS - Hammock and Mosquito Net for your camping adventures!

Asking $350 each. Will come with a fresh check up and oil change.

for sale in Phnom Phen OR Saigon
[email protected]