Two Honda CRF250s (L and M) available to suitable badasses.

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  1. Hi all! My wife and I just finished up the first six months of a year traveling around SE Asia. The first six months was by motorcycle, so we now have a couple of bikes to sell. They'd be great for a badass couple that wants a couple of badass (though small and light) bikes to travel the backroads of Asia. We did about 6,000 km on them through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia. You can verify for yourself the badassery available to you in the photos below.

    They are both Honda 2013 CRF250s. One is a model "L" and the other a model "M". Both have aftermarket handguards and racks. (Note: the GiantLoop saddlebags in the pictures are not for sale with the bikes.) Both were bought new from the Honda dealership in Chiang Mai last October. We have green books for both in our names.

    The M bike also has a set of very nice Pirelli dualsport tires ("tyres" if you're from the Colonies). In the black and white photo below the M model on the right. You can see the tires are smoother and wider than the stock stubblies, but still work really well in dirt. The rubber is a nice improvement on the stock. They are also smaller than the stock tires, so the bikes sits about 4" lower than the L series bike on the left. Good for the ladies or men of diminutive stature. My wife is 5'8" and the M fits her perfectly.

    They've had regular oil changes and cleanings (water wash). (Three changes and over half a dozen cleanings in six months.)

    Both bikes have had the stock stickers removed and we've replaced them with our own, which you'll probably want to remove. We can recommend a decent shop in Chiang Mai to have your own custom stickers made if you're into that kind of thing.

    Both bikes have some cosmetic scratches on them, as is expected from six months on the road. The "M" bike has a broken mount on the plastic front face plate that's been wired back. It also has a bent brake pedal from the wife dropping the bike at slow speed. Mechanicals on both bikes are perfect. You'll definitely want to replace/fix the brake pedal on the M bike.

    We'll be selling each of them for 120,000 baht each. Or, $4,000 each. The M is a more expensive bike and has better accessories (mainly the tires), but also has more dings, so we're lopping off a bit from its price.

    We are headed to Mongolia for two months, but will be back in Chiang Mai August 30th. We're seeing what the level of interest is right now, and we can arrange viewings in Chiang Mai after August 30th.

    We're currently in Vietnam, but will be back in Bangkok in a few days and I'll upload new photos of the current state of the bikes then. Until then, you'll just have to make do with these photos from our various travels. If you happen to be in Bangkok June 18th and 19th and are interested, we can also show then, as we'll be in town before heading to Mongolia.


    14408080411_0d210af498_z. 14224803129_424bc41321_z. 14224850650_71c58d2dcf_z. 14388321806_0d254b9c0e_z. 14225004787_bb4c8d3b82_z.
  2. I bought a new CRF250L in Chiang Mai December 2013 for ฿117,000 so ฿120,000 does not sound that good!
  3. Good luck with the sale. These bikes are less than 140,000 Bt new so you'll need it!
  4. Brand new for B113k? Where was that?! We bought the L for 135 and the M for 142. The price list here reflects that.

    We're willing to entertain other offers, but I don't think the prices we listed are far from the mark. They're only six months old with accessories already considered in the price (handguards, racks, and nice tires to boot for the M bike).
  5. I have to agree they do sound a little expensive,I hate to be negative
    Try Bahtsold website it's very good for selling bikes
    Good luck with sale and the rest of your trip
  6. Hey Jim, thanks for the input -- much appreciated. Constructive feedback is good, even if negative.

    I checked out BhatSold and the first CRF on there is a 2013 M series that he's selling for 120,000. Almost double the km of our bikes, but does have more aftermarket parts, but the stock wheels. That suggests we are not far from the mark, I would think.

    Like I said, we are totally open to any serious offers. 120,000 was my best guess at an opening price. Will post to BhatSold and see what will come.

    If anyone her is interested, just PM me.
  7. Honda Big Wing Chiang Mai, they had ฿137,000 on the bike but when I offered cash they took ฿117,000
  8. I bought a CRF 250L at a Honda dealer on soi On Nut for 132,000฿ a few weeks ago. They sell the M for 137,000฿.

    I hope you sell your bikes. Looks like you had a lot of fun riding them.
  9. THB 117k is really a very good price, not heard this before. Finally! At this point they're not new or hard to get anymore. But even when it was brand new I was offered 130k at a small dealer, and that included insurance, registration, jacket, and helmet.
  10. Yes I was very happy to get 20K discount when paying in cash, the price included on road costs and a helmet, I've since spent lots at the Dirt Shop BKK!!!
  11. I've bought several new bikes during the last 13 years here in Thailand and never got a decent discount.
    The dealers offered to knock off 1,000 baht but not more than that. I walked out, came back a week later, no deal!
    Finally I agreed to buy the CRF250M for 144K out the door, down from 145K, here in the south.
    Of course I tried to get a cash discount but was told it was a cash deal anyways - they refused a bank transfer.
    137K at a dealer in BKK I believe but 117K at Big Wing is highly unusual, to say the least.
  12. Still for sale?

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