Two Honda Wave 110s for sale!

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  1. Hello!

    My girlfriend and I are finishing our trip soon and have two Honda Wave 110cc bikes for sale. Both have Vietnamese papers. One Japanese one Korean. They are in great condition and have reliably carried us thousands of kilometres! We will be selling them in southern Thailand.

    Send me a message through here or at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] if you're interested. We have helmets and some maps and guide books that we will give away with the bikes too!

    Cheers and safe travels!

  2. Hello again!

    We have made it to Southern Thailand now (from Northern Vietnam) on these fantastically reliable bikes and would like to sell them without leaving the beach area. Because of the out-of -the-way hassle for the buyer to come pick them up, we will sell the two bikes for $800.

    I would post a picture, but the system is deafeating me in doing so, but I'm sure everyone of you has seen a 110cc honda wave before. If not, look out the window of your internet cafe, that bike driving by, yep, Honda wave!! Both of them are dark green and in great shape other than a small crack on the Korean bike.

    We will most likely be on Ko Pha Ngan which will therefore be the pickup point for the bikes, and you certainly will not beat US$800!

    Cheers, and Safe travels!
  3. So these bikes are not thai registered? I thought they can only be in the country a certain length of time?
  4. Hey there.

    First off, yep thats us we were at Pirom's house, and have made our way down to the beaches of the south now! I'd say you could vouch for the quality of our bikes, but I don't believe you ever actually saw them, it's all good though. safe travels!

    Next up, as for the registration. The bikes are Vietnamese registered so you need a temporary import license to get them into the country... in theory... The first time we came into the country we never recieved one and when we tried to leave it was a bit of a hassle, a very very small hassle though and the border guard simply waved us through. Then upon coming back into Thailand we got the import papers. They last a month and can be extended at an immigration office or on a Visa run, but I'd say these bikes would be happier to just drive to Vietnam as in our experience, Vietnam was alot more fun, with alot less tourist traffic, more of the real culture you're on your bikes to enjoy anyways!

    Bikes are still up for grabs btw. Safe travels everyone!
  5. Brad
    Any chance of sharing some tips 'n trip report?
  6. Hey there!

    For sure I'll do a little write up, but as we are on the island right now internet is rediculously expensive so it will have to wait for a bit. Fingers crossed that I get to include tips and a report about selling the bikes too!

  7. If you happen to be on Samui, drop us an email, will be happy to post foto's for you
  8. So it sounds like these bikes would be best for another trip to Vietnam, as trying to register them in Thailand would be very expensive.

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