Two new Honda Wave Aplpa 100cc - Hanoi


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Mar 27, 2009
On 10th of April we bought with my girlfriend two brand new Honda Wave Alpha 100cc.
Now they have about 3000km each. We have all documents you can imagine. We spent 10 days in HCMC to prepare all papers. We bought locks, chains, spare tyers, tubes, bags protecting your luggage, elastics to keep safely your bag on motorbike. So no more expenses for preparing bikes for ride.
We are in Laos and now we know that we must be within one month in Hanoi (before 10th of June) .

Bikes are in perfect condition. All guarantee books stamped, necessary inspection done!

Bikes are ready for crossing Vietnam-Lao border (tested). And according to our information and papers we have, it should be possible to go to Thailand and even to Malaysia.

If you are interested you can contact us by this forum or by phone. In Laos till the end of May +856 20 26 78 105.

Bartek & Marta