1. rustynail

    rustynail New Member

    I would like some advice - I am a realative bike newbie so excuse me if its a stupid question.
    Bike CBR400
    I had a tiny puncture in my front tyre. Took it to a tyre place and the guy punctured it more with a bloody great spike with a gob of green stuff and what looked like a wodge of cotton wool. The repair seems to work. Is this a kosher repair? If not what is a proper repair? Should I replace the tyre anyway?
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  3. john

    john Ol'Timer

    HI Rustynail, I am not an expert on this issue either. But I would say with tires so cheap in Chaing Mai why take the chance. JOHN
  4. Tom

    Tom Member

    Just to plug a front tyre is dangerous it must be vulcanized from inside or the tyre renewed.
  5. rustynail

    rustynail New Member


    Thanks for the advice....how reliable is vulcanisation?
  6. SiFuh

    SiFuh Active Member

    Pretty reliable.

    "But I would say with tires so cheap in Chaing Mai why take the chance."

    Thai roads are not that great, plus you are perched upon a highspeed 2 wheel machine with little real protection.

    From your questions I am assuming the fear of another flat or stacking your bike is an issue. For peace of mind... go a new tyre. You get fresh tread and no holes.


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