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  1. I would like some advice - I am a realative bike newbie so excuse me if its a stupid question.
    Bike CBR400
    I had a tiny puncture in my front tyre. Took it to a tyre place and the guy punctured it more with a bloody great spike with a gob of green stuff and what looked like a wodge of cotton wool. The repair seems to work. Is this a kosher repair? If not what is a proper repair? Should I replace the tyre anyway?
  2. HI Rustynail, I am not an expert on this issue either. But I would say with tires so cheap in Chaing Mai why take the chance. JOHN
  3. Just to plug a front tyre is dangerous it must be vulcanized from inside or the tyre renewed.
  4. Hi

    Thanks for the reliable is vulcanisation?
  5. Pretty reliable.

    "But I would say with tires so cheap in Chaing Mai why take the chance."

    Thai roads are not that great, plus you are perched upon a highspeed 2 wheel machine with little real protection.

    From your questions I am assuming the fear of another flat or stacking your bike is an issue. For peace of mind... go a new tyre. You get fresh tread and no holes.


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